Amanda wants to increase website visitors. What should she explore? Select all that apply.

Use only Single Image Ads

Explore a mix of ad types to bring the company's story to life, such as Single Image and Video Ads

Retarget those who engaged with her other ad

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Explanation: The selected answers are ‘Explore a mix of ad types to bring the company’s story to life, such as Single Image and Video Ads’ and ‘Retarget those who engaged with her other ad.’ To increase website visitors effectively, Amanda should adopt a multifaceted approach that incorporates various ad types and retargeting strategies. Utilizing a mix of ad types, such as Single Image and Video Ads, allows her to diversify her messaging and storytelling, appealing to different audience preferences and capturing attention more effectively. Video Ads, in particular, have been shown to be highly engaging and effective in driving website traffic. Additionally, retargeting individuals who have engaged with her other ads enables Amanda to re-engage with users who have already shown interest in her brand, increasing the likelihood of driving them to visit her website and take further action. By combining these strategies, Amanda can optimize her efforts to attract and convert website visitors, ultimately contributing to the success of her marketing objectives. Therefore, exploring a mix of ad types and retargeting engaged users are essential tactics for Amanda to consider in her efforts to increase website traffic effectively.

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