Anthony has over 500 forms opened but not submitted over the past 90 days. According to LinkedIn, does he have enough to begin building a retargeting audience?


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Explanation: The correct answer is No. While Anthony has amassed over 500 forms opened but not submitted over the past 90 days, it might not be sufficient to effectively build a retargeting audience. Building a retargeting audience typically requires a critical mass of engaged users who have taken specific actions indicating their interest or intent, such as submitting a form. While having 500 forms opened demonstrates some level of engagement, these users have not completed the desired action of submitting the form, which is a stronger indication of interest. Without enough users who have completed the desired action, the retargeting audience may not be sufficiently large or engaged to yield meaningful results. Therefore, Anthony would need to continue monitoring and accumulating more form submissions before initiating a retargeting campaign to ensure that the audience is robust and engaged enough to warrant retargeting efforts.

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