Astrid has just created her company’s LinkedIn Page. Which of the following best practices would you recommend that she follows as she ramps up her organic posting? Select all that apply.

Include videos and pictures

Include several call-to-action buttons on each post

Include hashtags

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Explanation: As Astrid ramps up her organic posting on her company’s LinkedIn Page, it’s crucial to follow certain best practices to maximize engagement and visibility. Including videos and pictures is highly recommended as visual content tends to perform better on social media platforms, including LinkedIn. Visuals can capture attention, convey messages more effectively, and encourage audience interaction. Additionally, including hashtags can significantly increase the discoverability of Astrid’s posts by making them visible to users searching for or following relevant topics. Hashtags help categorize content and connect it with broader conversations and communities on LinkedIn, expanding its reach beyond Astrid’s immediate network. However, including several call-to-action buttons on each post may overwhelm the audience and dilute the effectiveness of the intended action. Instead, focusing on one clear and relevant call-to-action per post is more likely to drive desired user engagement and conversions. Therefore, the selected answers of including videos and pictures, as well as including hashtags, align with best practices for optimizing organic posting on LinkedIn, effectively leveraging visual content and strategic tagging to enhance engagement and visibility.

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