Before creating an ad in Campaign Manager, what is the first step to creating a lead generation campaign?

Identify your buying committee

Identify your target audience

Identify and define your marketing goal

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Explanation: The correct answer is to Identify and define your marketing goal. Before creating an ad in Campaign Manager for a lead generation campaign, it’s crucial to first identify and define your marketing goal. This step lays the foundation for the entire campaign strategy by clarifying what you aim to achieve. By clearly defining your marketing goal, whether it’s to generate leads, drive website visits, or increase brand awareness, you can tailor your campaign components, such as ad creatives, targeting options, and call-to-action, to align with this objective. Without a clear understanding of your marketing goal, you risk developing a campaign that lacks direction and may not effectively drive the desired results. Therefore, identifying and defining your marketing goal serves as the critical first step in creating a lead generation campaign, guiding subsequent decisions and optimizations to ensure campaign success.

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