Bruno wants to see who is mentioning his brand on LinkedIn. What should he do?

Look through his newsfeed

Access the Analytics dashboard of his LinkedIn Page and checks users’ engagement

Check the Activity tab of his LinkedIn Page and filter by mentions

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Check the Activity tab of his LinkedIn Page and filter by mentions’ for Bruno to see who is mentioning his brand on LinkedIn. This method is correct because LinkedIn provides a specific feature designed to help page administrators track and monitor mentions of their brand efficiently. The Activity tab on a LinkedIn Page consolidates all interactions related to the page, including posts, comments, shares, and mentions. By filtering the Activity tab specifically for mentions, Bruno can easily access a comprehensive list of all instances where users have mentioned his brand. This feature saves time and effort compared to manually sifting through the newsfeed, which can be overwhelming and less precise given the volume of content typically present. Additionally, the Analytics dashboard, while useful for understanding user engagement and overall page performance, is not designed to pinpoint specific mentions. The Activity tab’s filter option is a streamlined tool for directly identifying and reviewing mentions, enabling Bruno to respond promptly, engage with users, and understand the context in which his brand is being discussed. This proactive approach to monitoring brand mentions helps in maintaining a positive brand image, addressing customer feedback or inquiries swiftly, and leveraging positive mentions for promotional purposes. By regularly checking the mentions through the Activity tab, Bruno can stay informed about how his brand is perceived on LinkedIn, respond to any issues or praise in real-time, and foster a more interactive and engaging presence on the platform. This not only enhances customer relations but also contributes to building a stronger, more responsive brand presence on LinkedIn.

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