Callan is exploring ways to make his creative design more unique so that people recognize his brand when they see new ads. Which tips could he consider to be consistent? Select all that apply.

Use his brand's logo

Use the same copy in every ad

Use similar icons

Use similar colors

Use the same picture in every ad

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Explanation: The correct answers are ‘Use his brand’s logo,’ ‘Use similar icons,’ and ‘Use similar colors.’ By incorporating his brand’s logo into the creative design, Callan ensures consistent brand visibility across his ads, making it easier for viewers to recognize and associate the content with his brand. Additionally, using similar icons and colors across different ad creatives reinforces brand identity and cohesion, creating a visually unified experience for the audience. Consistency in design elements like icons and colors helps establish brand recognition and recall, ultimately strengthening brand perception and increasing the likelihood of engagement with the ads. However, using the same picture in every ad may not necessarily contribute to uniqueness and could potentially lead to monotony or reduced interest among viewers. Therefore, while it’s essential to maintain consistency in certain design elements, variation and creativity should also be encouraged to keep the audience engaged and interested in the brand’s messaging.

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