Cameron wants to create a Showcase Page. What would be the first step?

Establish a clear and consistent strategy for the Showcase Page that aligns with his company's overall page hierarchy, including community size and needs

Come up with the Showcase Page's name

Develop the content that will go into the Showcase Page, ensuring it aligns with the community size and needs

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Explanation: The first step for Cameron in creating a Showcase Page is to establish a clear and consistent strategy that aligns with his company’s overall page hierarchy, including community size and needs. Before diving into the specifics of the Showcase Page’s name or content development, it’s essential to define the overarching purpose, goals, and audience targeting strategy for the Showcase Page. Cameron should consider factors such as the specific aspect of the brand, business unit, or initiative he intends to highlight, the target audience demographics and interests, and how the Showcase Page fits into the broader marketing and communication objectives of the company. By establishing a clear and consistent strategy from the outset, Cameron can ensure that the Showcase Page effectively serves its intended purpose, resonates with its target audience, and aligns seamlessly with the company’s overall brand identity and messaging. This strategic approach lays the foundation for a successful Showcase Page launch and ongoing management, setting the stage for meaningful engagement and positive outcomes for both the company and its audience. Therefore, the selected answer correctly identifies establishing a clear and consistent strategy as the critical first step in creating a Showcase Page on LinkedIn.

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