Campaign Manager will suggest a bid range that makes your content more likely to be seen.



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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘TRUE.’ Campaign Manager indeed suggests a bid range that increases the likelihood of content visibility. When setting up a campaign in Campaign Manager, LinkedIn provides bid suggestions based on factors such as the selected targeting criteria, campaign objectives, and competition within the ad auction. These bid suggestions aim to guide advertisers in selecting an appropriate bid range that aligns with their campaign goals while maximizing the visibility and reach of their content. Adhering to the suggested bid range can help advertisers optimize their ad spend by ensuring their bids are competitive enough to win placements in the auction without overpaying. Moreover, LinkedIn continuously evaluates the performance of ads and adjusts bid recommendations accordingly, providing advertisers with real-time insights to refine their bidding strategies and enhance campaign effectiveness. Therefore, Campaign Manager’s bid suggestions play a crucial role in helping advertisers make informed decisions to improve their content’s visibility and overall campaign performance.

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