Can you require someone provides their work email address in a Lead Gen Form?

Yes, you can select the “work email validation” option when creating your Lead Gen Form to ensure it only prefills an email address if it’s a work email address

Yes, you can add a note that only work email addresses will be contacted

No, they can provide any type of email address in the form

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Explanation: The correct answer is ‘Yes, you can select the ‘work email validation’ option when creating your Lead Gen Form to ensure it only prefills an email address if it’s a work email address.’ LinkedIn provides the option to select ‘work email validation’ when creating a Lead Gen Form, which allows advertisers to ensure that the prefilled email address is verified as a work email address. This validation feature helps maintain the quality of leads collected through the form by ensuring that only work email addresses are accepted, filtering out personal or non-business email addresses. By requiring individuals to provide their work email addresses, advertisers can ensure that the leads generated are more likely to be relevant and valuable for their business objectives. Additionally, this practice aligns with best practices for lead generation, as work email addresses are typically associated with professional contexts and are more likely to lead to meaningful business interactions. Therefore, selecting the ‘work email validation’ option is a useful method for ensuring the quality and relevance of leads collected through Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn.

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