Carolyn can edit and add new creatives in Campaign Manager. Which access could she have? Select all that apply.

Creative Manager


Billing Admin

Campaign Manager

Account Manager

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Explanation: Carolyn could have Creative Manager, Campaign Manager, and Account Manager access levels. As a Creative Manager, Carolyn would have the authority to edit and add new creatives within Campaign Manager, enabling her to contribute to the creative aspects of advertising campaigns. Additionally, Campaign Manager access would grant her the necessary permissions to manage and oversee various aspects of advertising campaigns, including creative elements. Furthermore, as an Account Manager, Carolyn would have broader oversight over advertising accounts, allowing her to collaborate with clients, strategize campaign approaches, and make necessary adjustments to creatives to optimize campaign performance. Conversely, roles such as Viewer and Billing Admin are not directly related to creative management within Campaign Manager and thus would not provide Carolyn with the necessary privileges to edit or add new creatives. Therefore, Creative Manager, Campaign Manager, and Account Manager are the correct access levels for Carolyn to have in order to edit and add new creatives in Campaign Manager.

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