Debora is setting up her full-funnel content strategy. Should she spend time analyzing her LinkedIn Page followers’ demographics first?

Yes, it is a way to identify content that is more relevant for her potential customers

No, her followers do not necessarily fit with her ideal customer profile, so this information can be misleading

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Explanation: The statement ‘Yes, it is a way to identify content that is more relevant for her potential customers’ is correct regarding whether Debora should spend time analyzing her LinkedIn Page followers’ demographics before setting up her full-funnel content strategy. Analyzing her followers’ demographics is crucial because it provides valuable insights into the characteristics and preferences of the people who are already engaged with her brand on LinkedIn. This demographic data includes information such as age, gender, location, industry, and job roles, which can help Debora understand who her current audience is. By knowing this, she can tailor her content strategy to better meet the interests and needs of her existing followers, making her content more relevant and engaging. Furthermore, while her current followers may not perfectly match her ideal customer profile, they can still provide significant clues about what attracts people to her page. This understanding can help Debora create content that resonates not only with her current followers but also with potential customers who share similar characteristics. Additionally, leveraging follower demographics allows Debora to identify gaps in her content strategy and adjust it to attract a more targeted audience that fits her ideal customer profile. Ultimately, analyzing LinkedIn Page followers’ demographics as a foundational step in developing a full-funnel content strategy enables Debora to make data-driven decisions, ensuring her content is effective at various stages of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration and conversion. This strategic approach enhances the likelihood of engaging potential customers and driving business results.

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