At which levels can you add images to your search campaigns?

Campaign level

Ad group level

Keyword level

Account level

Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Native & Display certification

Explanation: In Microsoft Advertising, advertisers can add images to their search campaigns at the campaign level, ad group level, and account level. This capability allows advertisers to incorporate visually engaging elements into their search ads, enhancing their visibility and appeal to potential customers within the Microsoft Advertising Native & Display context. By adding images at the campaign level, advertisers can create cohesive ad experiences that align with the overarching theme or focus of their campaigns, ensuring consistency across multiple ad groups and keywords within the same campaign. Additionally, adding images at the ad group level provides advertisers with the flexibility to tailor visual elements to specific ad groups, targeting different audience segments or promoting distinct product lines or offers within the same campaign. Moreover, the ability to add images at the account level enables advertisers to establish brand consistency and visual identity across all their search campaigns, ensuring a unified and recognizable presence across the Microsoft Advertising platform. Therefore, being able to add images at multiple levels of search campaigns empowers advertisers to create more compelling and visually appealing ad experiences that drive higher engagement and better campaign performance.

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