Ayushi is creating a dynamic remarketing list for the Microsoft Audience Network. What is the membership duration range Ayushi can specify?

1 - 14 days

1 – 90 days

1 – 180 days

1 – 60 days

Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Native & Display certification

Explanation: The correct answer is ‘1 - 180 days.’ When Ayushi is creating a dynamic remarketing list for the Microsoft Audience Network, she can specify the membership duration range, which determines how long users remain on the remarketing list after they have interacted with her website or app. The membership duration range allows Ayushi to target users who have shown interest in her products or services within a specified timeframe, ensuring that her ads remain relevant and timely. By choosing a range of 1 to 180 days, Ayushi can include users who have recently visited her website or app, as well as those who interacted with her content in the past six months. This flexibility enables Ayushi to tailor her remarketing efforts to different audience segments and marketing objectives, whether she wants to re-engage recent visitors or reach out to users who may need more time to make a purchase decision. Moreover, the extended duration of up to 180 days allows Ayushi to maintain a consistent presence in front of her target audience throughout their decision-making process, increasing the likelihood of conversion and maximizing the effectiveness of her remarketing campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network. Conversely, the other options listed, such as 1 - 14 days, 1 - 90 days, and 1 - 60 days, offer shorter membership duration ranges that may not capture users’ entire purchase consideration period or allow for sustained remarketing efforts over an extended period. Therefore, the selected answer option accurately identifies the membership duration range that Ayushi can specify when creating a dynamic remarketing list for the Microsoft Audience Network, providing her with the flexibility to reach and re-engage her target audience effectively.

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