Contoso Insurance is running a Microsoft Audience Network campaign and wants to see how they're performing across a variety of devices. For which devices can they pull this performance data?


Smart TVs



Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Native & Display certification

Explanation: The selected performance data that Contoso Insurance can pull for their Microsoft Audience Network campaign across a variety of devices includes Smartphones, Desktops, and Tablets. This selection is correct as it encompasses the primary device categories on which the Microsoft Audience Network campaigns are displayed, providing Contoso Insurance with comprehensive insights into their campaign performance across different device types. Analyzing performance data across smartphones, tablets, and desktops enables Contoso Insurance to understand how their ads resonate with users across various devices and optimize their targeting and bidding strategies accordingly. By leveraging this data, Contoso Insurance can tailor their ad creatives and bidding strategies to better align with the preferences and behaviors of their target audience on different devices, ultimately maximizing the effectiveness and impact of their Microsoft Audience Network campaigns. Conversely, while Smart TVs represent another potential device category, they are not included in the selected performance data options, as advertising on Smart TVs may require different strategies and considerations compared to other digital devices. Therefore, focusing on performance data for smartphones, tablets, and desktops provides Contoso Insurance with valuable insights to inform their campaign optimization efforts and drive success within the Microsoft Advertising Native & Display context.

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