Customers who have seen a brand’s ad on both the search and audience network visit the site 2.8x more than those who are only exposed to an ad on Bing.



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Explanation: The correct answer is True. This statement underscores the significant impact of cross-network advertising exposure on customer engagement and site visits. When customers encounter a brand’s ad on both the search and audience networks, they are 2.8 times more likely to visit the site compared to those who only see the ad on Bing. This statistic highlights the importance of leveraging multiple advertising channels and platforms to reach and influence target audiences effectively. By diversifying ad placements across different networks, advertisers can expand their reach and increase the likelihood of capturing the attention of potential customers at various touchpoints in their online journey. Moreover, the synergy between search and audience network ads can amplify brand visibility and reinforce messaging, driving higher levels of brand recall and prompting users to take action, such as visiting the advertiser’s website. Therefore, the statement is true, emphasizing the value of integrated advertising strategies that leverage the strengths of both search and audience network placements to drive customer engagement and ultimately achieve marketing objectives.

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