Arlo has applied targeting at both the campaign level and ad group level to his campaign. Which level will take priority?Select one option.

No targeting will be applied due to the conflict.

The effect will be cumulative.

The campaign target is prioritized.

The ad group target is prioritized.

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Explanation: The correct answer is The ad group target is prioritized. In Microsoft Advertising, when targeting settings conflict between the campaign level and the ad group level, the targeting set at the ad group level takes priority over the campaign level targeting. This hierarchy ensures that advertisers have granular control over their targeting options, allowing them to tailor their ads more precisely to specific audiences or demographics at the ad group level while maintaining broader targeting criteria at the campaign level. By prioritizing ad group targeting, Arlo can fine-tune his campaign settings to align with the unique objectives or characteristics of individual ad groups within the campaign, thereby maximizing the relevance and effectiveness of his ads for different audience segments or product categories.

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