Ashley's Autos has placed a Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag on each of the pages on its website. Which of the following features needs this tag to function? Select all that apply.


Maximize clicks

Conversion tracking

Target cost per acquisition bidding

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Explanation: The selected correct features that require the Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag to function are Remarketing, Conversion tracking, and Target cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding. The UET tag plays a crucial role in tracking user interactions and behaviors on a website, enabling advertisers to gather valuable data and insights for optimizing their advertising campaigns effectively. Remarketing relies on the UET tag to track users’ website visits and interactions, allowing advertisers to create customized ad campaigns targeting users who have previously visited their website. Conversion tracking also relies on the UET tag to track and measure specific actions or events completed by users on the website, such as completing a purchase or submitting a form, enabling advertisers to attribute conversions back to their advertising campaigns accurately. Additionally, Target CPA bidding leverages conversion data collected through the UET tag to automatically adjust bids and optimize ad campaigns for achieving a target cost per acquisition. Without the UET tag in place, these features would not be able to function properly, limiting advertisers’ ability to track user engagement, measure campaign performance, and optimize their advertising strategies effectively. Therefore, implementing the UET tag on each page of Ashley’s Autos website is essential for enabling Remarketing, Conversion tracking, and Target CPA bidding features in Microsoft Search Advertising, ensuring accurate tracking and optimization of advertising campaigns.

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