At what level is auto-tagging with Microsoft Click ID enabled when creating a new Universal Event Tracking (UET) conversion goal? Select one option.

Ad group Level

Keyword level

Account level

Campaign level

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Explanation: When creating a new Universal Event Tracking (UET) conversion goal in Microsoft Advertising, auto-tagging with Microsoft Click ID is enabled at the account level. Auto-tagging with Microsoft Click ID allows Microsoft Advertising to automatically append a unique identifier (known as the Microsoft Click ID or MSCLKID) to the destination URLs of ads, enabling accurate tracking of conversions and attributing them back to specific ad clicks. By enabling auto-tagging at the account level, advertisers ensure consistent tracking of conversions across all campaigns and ad groups within their Microsoft Advertising account, regardless of the specific settings at the campaign or ad group level. This centralized approach to auto-tagging simplifies the setup process and ensures comprehensive tracking of conversions, providing advertisers with valuable insights into the performance of their advertising campaigns and enabling informed optimization decisions. Conversely, enabling auto-tagging at the campaign, ad group, or keyword level would require manual configuration for each individual entity, potentially leading to inconsistencies or oversight in tracking implementation. Therefore, enabling auto-tagging with Microsoft Click ID at the account level is the correct approach for ensuring accurate and comprehensive conversion tracking in Microsoft Advertising.

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