Broad match keywords have the most potential for high impressions. Select whether the previous statement is true or false.



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Explanation: The statement is true. Broad match keywords are designed to trigger ads to appear when a search query includes any word in the keyword phrase, in any order, and potentially along with other words. This expansive matching capability means that broad match keywords have the potential to generate a high volume of impressions because they can match a wide range of search queries. With broad match, advertisers can cast a broad net to capture relevant traffic, including variations, synonyms, misspellings, and related searches, thereby maximizing their ad’s exposure to potential customers. While broad match keywords offer the advantage of reaching a larger audience, they also require careful monitoring and optimization to ensure that the traffic they attract is relevant and aligned with the advertiser’s objectives. Advertisers should regularly review search query reports, add negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic, and refine their keyword targeting strategy to strike the right balance between reach and precision. Overall, broad match keywords can be a valuable tool for driving high impressions and expanding the reach of advertising campaigns, especially when used strategically in conjunction with other match types and targeting options.

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