Contoso Hotels wants to ensure that excessive spend on one campaign does not take budget from other campaigns. Which budget type should they select? Select one option.



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Explanation: The correct answer is Individual. By selecting the individual budget type, Contoso Hotels can allocate a specific budget to each campaign independently, ensuring that one campaign’s spending does not impact the budget availability of others. This budgeting approach provides more control and flexibility over campaign spending, allowing Contoso Hotels to tailor budgets based on the individual performance, goals, and priorities of each campaign. With individual budgets, Contoso Hotels can set distinct spending limits for different campaigns, preventing overspending in any single campaign from adversely affecting the overall advertising budget allocation. This granular control enables Contoso Hotels to optimize their budget distribution effectively, allocate resources where they are needed most, and maximize the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising efforts across multiple campaigns. Therefore, selecting the individual budget type aligns with Contoso Hotels’ objective of maintaining budget autonomy and ensuring balanced spending across their advertising campaigns.

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