A product appears in both a high priority (campaign A) with a bid of $1, and low priority (campaign B) with a bid of $10. Which will be used for a relevant query?

Campaign B

Campaign A

Neither because it is a duplicate conflict.

The platform will alternate.

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Explanation: In the context of Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns, if a product appears in both a high priority campaign (campaign A) with a bid of $1 and a low priority campaign (campaign B) with a bid of $10, the system will use the high priority campaign (campaign A) for a relevant query, despite the lower bid amount. This outcome is due to the way Microsoft Advertising handles campaign priorities. Campaign priority settings are used to determine which campaign should be used when the same product is eligible to serve from multiple campaigns. A higher priority campaign (e.g., high, medium, or low) takes precedence over a lower priority campaign when deciding which ad to serve. Therefore, even though campaign B has a higher bid of $10, campaign A will be chosen because it has been assigned a higher priority. This mechanism ensures that advertisers can strategically control which products appear in response to search queries based on the specific objectives of their campaigns. The ability to set campaign priorities allows advertisers to allocate budgets more effectively and optimize their bids according to the importance and performance goals of each campaign. For instance, they might use high priority campaigns for best-selling or high-margin products to ensure maximum visibility, while lower priority campaigns might include less critical products. This system prevents the potential conflict of duplicate listings and simplifies the management of multiple campaigns targeting the same products. Thus, the selection of Campaign A is correct because the high priority status overrides the lower bid, ensuring that the product is served according to the advertiser’s strategic preferences rather than merely the bid amount.

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