Brian has a new product and wants to set up a Smart Shopping campaign. What is the correct sequence of steps Brian needs to follow in order to do this?

Create a campaign

Select 'Sell products from your catalog'

Select 'Smart Shopping'

Choose your store market

Select 'Campaign settings'

Create Responsive Ad

Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Shopping certification exam

Explanation: To set up a Smart Shopping campaign for his new product, Brian must follow a sequence of steps that ensure the campaign is configured correctly and effectively. First, Brian needs to create a campaign. This initial step involves setting up the framework for the campaign, which includes giving it a name and defining its purpose. Next, he should select ‘Sell products from your catalog’, a crucial step that links the campaign to the product catalog stored in the Microsoft Merchant Center, ensuring that the products he wants to advertise are included. After this, Brian should select ‘Smart Shopping’. Choosing the Smart Shopping option enables automated optimization and targeting features, which leverage machine learning to maximize conversions and ROAS by dynamically adjusting bids and placements. The next step is to choose your store market, which is essential for defining the geographical area where the ads will be shown, ensuring that the campaign targets the appropriate audience based on location. Following this, Brian should select ‘Campaign settings’. In this step, he can fine-tune various parameters such as budget, bidding strategy, and targeting preferences to align with his marketing goals and constraints. Finally, he must create a Responsive Ad. This involves creating an ad that can automatically adjust its format, appearance, and content to fit different ad spaces and formats, thereby increasing the chances of attracting clicks and conversions across various platforms and devices. By following these steps in this specific order—creating the campaign, selecting to sell products from the catalog, choosing Smart Shopping, selecting the store market, configuring the campaign settings, and creating a responsive ad—Brian ensures a comprehensive and efficient setup of his Smart Shopping campaign, leveraging automation and machine learning to optimize performance and reach the desired audience effectively.

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