Contoso Bikes have forgotten to update, or re-upload, their product feed file. After how long will their feed file expire if it's not updated or re-uploaded?

1 Day

7 Days

30 Days

60 Days

Certification program: 👉 Microsoft Advertising Shopping certification exam

Explanation: The correct answer is 30 Days. In Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns, product feed files contain essential information about the products being advertised, including details such as product titles, descriptions, prices, and availability. To ensure that product information remains accurate and up-to-date in advertising campaigns, it’s crucial for advertisers like Contoso Bikes to regularly update and re-upload their product feed files. However, if Contoso Bikes forgets to update or re-upload their product feed file, it will expire after 30 days. This means that Microsoft Advertising will no longer use the outdated feed file to display Contoso Bikes’ products in their shopping campaigns. As a result, failing to update or re-upload the product feed file within the specified timeframe can lead to discrepancies in product information, potentially affecting the performance and effectiveness of Contoso Bikes’ advertising campaigns. Therefore, understanding the expiration period of product feed files is essential for advertisers to maintain the accuracy and relevance of their product listings within Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns.

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