Contoso Cameras Inc. is adding a merchant promotion to its ad for 10% off. What clickable text will be added to Contoso Cameras' ad to highlight the promotion?

Special offer

Price drop

Price reduction

10% off

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Explanation: The correct answer is Special offer. When Contoso Cameras Inc. adds a merchant promotion offering 10% off to its ad, the clickable text that will be added to highlight the promotion is ‘Special offer.’ This text is dynamically generated by Microsoft Advertising to indicate to potential customers that there is a special promotion associated with the advertised product. By using ‘Special offer,’ Contoso Cameras Inc. effectively communicates the value proposition of the promotion, enticing users to click on the ad to learn more and potentially make a purchase. This approach helps Contoso Cameras Inc. differentiate its ad from others in the search results, drawing attention to the promotional offer and increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. Therefore, ‘Special offer’ serves as an effective and engaging clickable text to highlight the merchant promotion of 10% off within Contoso Cameras Inc.’s ad in the Microsoft Advertising Shopping context.

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