Contoso Cameras wants to run ads that have rich product information, including a product image and store name. What types of ads should they create?

Expanded text ads

Product ads

Dynamic search ads

Responsive search ads

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Explanation: The correct answer is Product ads. In the context of Microsoft Advertising Shopping, Product ads are specifically designed to showcase rich product information, including product images and store names, directly within the ad format. These ads are highly visual and feature comprehensive product details extracted from the advertiser’s product feed. For Contoso Cameras, utilizing Product ads would be the ideal choice to effectively promote their camera products while showcasing relevant information such as product images and the Contoso Cameras store name. Unlike Expanded Text Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, or Responsive Search Ads, which primarily focus on text-based ad formats and dynamic content generation based on search queries, Product ads are tailored specifically for e-commerce and retail advertisers to highlight their product offerings in a visually engaging manner. By leveraging Product ads, Contoso Cameras can capture the attention of potential customers searching for camera products, provide them with relevant product information upfront, and drive qualified traffic to their online store, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue. Therefore, choosing Product ads aligns with Contoso Cameras’ objective of running ads with rich product information, making it the correct option for their advertising strategy within the Microsoft Advertising Shopping platform.

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