Contoso Films wants to filter their products. Which of the following attributes cannot be used to filter their products in a shopping campaign?

Product type



Product category

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Explanation: The correct answer is Price. In Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns, product filtering allows advertisers like Contoso Films to refine their targeting and optimize their ad spend by specifying criteria for the products they want to include or exclude from their campaigns. While attributes such as product type, condition, and product category can be used to filter products effectively based on their characteristics, price is not an attribute typically used for filtering products within shopping campaigns. Filtering by price may limit the visibility of products based on their price range, potentially restricting the campaign’s reach and effectiveness in reaching a broader audience. Instead, advertisers often utilize bidding strategies and targeting settings to adjust bids and control the visibility of products based on their price competitiveness and performance metrics. By focusing on attributes like product type, condition, and product category, Contoso Films can effectively target their desired audience segments and optimize their shopping campaigns to drive better results within the Microsoft Advertising platform. Therefore, while product type, condition, and product category can be used for product filtering, price is not typically used for this purpose in Microsoft Advertising Shopping campaigns, making it the correct answer in this context.

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