Contoso Lighting wants to set up Local Inventory Ads (LIAs) for their Microsoft Shopping Campaigns. In what order should the following steps be taken to set up them up?

Provide store location data

Upload online product information

Upload inventory information

Enable the Shopping campaign into LIA

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Explanation: To set up Local Inventory Ads (LIAs) for their Microsoft Shopping Campaigns, Contoso Lighting should follow a specific sequence of steps to ensure that their local inventory is accurately reflected and effectively promoted. The first step is to provide store location data. This step is crucial as it establishes the physical locations where the products are available for purchase. Accurate store location data ensures that customers are shown relevant ads based on their proximity to the stores, enhancing the likelihood of in-store visits and purchases. The second step is to upload online product information. This involves submitting detailed product data, such as descriptions, prices, and images, to the Microsoft Merchant Center. This information is essential for creating ads that are attractive and informative to potential customers. Next, Contoso Lighting should upload inventory information. This step involves providing real-time data about the stock levels of products at each store location. Accurate inventory data ensures that customers are only shown ads for products that are currently available in nearby stores, which helps to avoid customer frustration and improve the shopping experience. Finally, Contoso Lighting should enable the Shopping campaign into LIA. This final step involves configuring their existing Shopping campaigns to support Local Inventory Ads within the Microsoft Advertising platform. By doing so, Contoso Lighting ensures that their ads can display local inventory information to potential customers searching for products in their vicinity. This setup process integrates the physical store data with online advertising efforts, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers and driving foot traffic to their stores. Following these steps in the correct order ensures that Contoso Lighting’s Local Inventory Ads are set up efficiently and effectively, maximizing the reach and impact of their Microsoft Shopping Campaigns.

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