Contoso Shoes want to explore which websites their product ads have appeared on. Which report should they run?

Destination URL report

Product search term report

Website URL (publisher) report

Product share of voice report

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Explanation: The correct answer is Website URL (publisher) report. Contoso Shoes, seeking to gain insights into the specific websites where their product ads have been displayed, should run the Website URL (publisher) report. This report provides detailed information on the performance of product ads across different websites within the Microsoft Advertising network. By analyzing this report, Contoso Shoes can identify the publishers or websites where their ads are generating clicks, impressions, and conversions. This knowledge allows them to assess the effectiveness of their ad placements and partnerships, enabling strategic decisions to optimize their advertising campaigns. Moreover, understanding which websites are driving traffic and conversions helps Contoso Shoes allocate their budget more efficiently by focusing on high-performing publishers and eliminating underperforming ones. Therefore, running the Website URL (publisher) report empowers Contoso Shoes to enhance the targeting and performance of their product ads within the Microsoft Advertising Shopping ecosystem.

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