After setting up custom columns in Search Ads 360 to review performance for your campaign's previous month, you get an error when considering the specific bid strategy performance. Why might that be?

Because the bids were too high to show any performance.

Because bid strategy performance isn't reported in custom columns.

Because the bids were too low to show any performance.

Because bid strategy performance isn't one of your business goals.

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Explanation: If you encounter an error when trying to review bid strategy performance in custom columns after setting them up in Search Ads 360 for the previous month, the reason for the error is that “bid strategy performance isn’t reported in custom columns.” Custom columns are designed to display specific metrics related to campaigns, ad groups, or keywords, but bid strategy performance metrics are not directly available in this context. To assess the effectiveness of bid strategies, it is recommended to use the Bid Strategy report or navigate to the Bid Strategies section in Search Ads 360. Unlike bid amounts, which are available for review in custom columns, bid strategy performance metrics require dedicated reports or sections within the platform specifically designed to analyze and report on bid strategy effectiveness.

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Understanding Errors in Analyzing Bid Strategy Performance in Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is a powerful platform for managing and optimizing search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns across multiple channels. One of its key features is the ability to set up custom columns to track and analyze campaign performance over time. However, when examining bid strategy performance for a specific campaign’s previous month, you may encounter errors that hinder your analysis. Let’s delve into why this might occur and explore some practical insights to overcome these challenges.

Potential Causes of Errors

  1. Data Availability: Bid strategy performance data may not be available for the specific time frame you’re analyzing. SA360 relies on data collection and processing, which can sometimes lag behind real-time changes. If bid strategy data for the previous month is still being processed or if there were delays in data collection, it could lead to errors in your analysis.

  2. Configuration Issues: Incorrect configuration of bid strategies or custom columns can also result in errors. Ensure that bid strategies are properly set up and associated with the relevant campaigns. Additionally, verify that custom columns accurately capture the metrics you’re interested in analyzing, such as conversion rates or cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

  3. Sampling: SA360 may sample data when generating reports, especially for large datasets or when applying complex filters. Sampling involves extrapolating data from a subset of the total dataset, which can introduce inaccuracies, particularly in bid strategy performance analysis. Check if your reports are being sampled and adjust settings if necessary to obtain more accurate results.

Practical Insights

  1. Monitor Data Freshness: Keep track of data processing times in SA360 and be aware of any delays in bid strategy performance updates. Plan your analysis accordingly, allowing sufficient time for data to be collected and processed before drawing conclusions.

  2. Double-Check Configurations: Regularly review bid strategy settings and custom column configurations to ensure they align with your campaign objectives and reporting needs. Make adjustments as necessary to capture relevant metrics accurately.

  3. Consider Alternative Metrics: If bid strategy performance metrics are unavailable or unreliable for the desired time frame, explore alternative metrics or indicators to gauge campaign success. For example, focus on click-through rates, impression share, or ad position data to assess overall campaign performance.

  4. Collaborate with Support: If you encounter persistent errors or challenges in analyzing bid strategy performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to SA360 support or consult with experienced professionals in SEM management. They can provide valuable insights and assistance in troubleshooting issues.

By understanding the potential causes of errors and implementing practical strategies to address them, you can enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of bid strategy performance analysis in Search Ads 360. Stay vigilant, adapt to changes, and leverage the full capabilities of the platform to optimize your SEM campaigns effectively.

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