Your customer, a gourmet pet food company, is using custom columns to determine how their new dog food is performing. What specific action in Search Ads 360 does a custom column let them access for any formula?





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Explanation: A custom column in Search Ads 360 allows your customer, the gourmet pet food company, to access specific actions for any formula, and in this context, it lets them access “Conversion” data. By utilizing custom columns, advertisers can create tailored formulas to analyze and measure the performance of their campaigns based on various parameters, including conversion actions. This enables the gourmet pet food company to gain insights into how well their new dog food is performing in terms of generating desired conversions. Unlike dimensions, labels, or general reporting, the emphasis here is on custom columns providing the flexibility to focus on specific conversion-related metrics, aligning with the customer’s goal of evaluating the effectiveness of their advertising efforts in Search Ads 360.

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When managing a campaign for a gourmet pet food company in Search Ads 360, utilizing custom columns can offer valuable insights into the performance of their dog food products. Custom columns allow advertisers to access specific actions and metrics beyond the default set provided by the platform. These columns are particularly beneficial for businesses with unique key performance indicators (KPIs) or specialized metrics tailored to their industry, such as the gourmet pet food market.

One specific action that custom columns enable in Search Ads 360 is the ability to create and apply custom formulas to analyze and evaluate campaign performance. This functionality empowers advertisers to calculate and assess various metrics that are directly relevant to their business objectives. For example, in the context of a gourmet pet food company, custom columns can be used to compute metrics like cost per acquisition (CPA) for specific dog food variants, return on ad spend (ROAS) for premium versus standard products, or even customer lifetime value (CLV) based on campaign data.

By leveraging custom columns and formulas, advertisers can gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance. For instance, they can identify top-performing dog food flavors or sizes, allocate budgets more efficiently across campaigns, and adjust bidding strategies to maximize ROI. Moreover, custom columns facilitate the creation of customized reports tailored to the company’s unique objectives and metrics, streamlining the monitoring and analysis process.

Practical insights derived from custom columns can also inform strategic initiatives and marketing tactics. For instance, if a particular dog food formula consistently generates a higher ROAS compared to others, the company may decide to allocate more resources towards promoting that specific product line. Additionally, by analyzing performance data across different geographic regions or audience segments using custom columns, advertisers can uncover new market opportunities and refine targeting strategies to reach their ideal customers more effectively.

In conclusion, custom columns in Search Ads 360 offer a powerful tool for gourmet pet food companies to evaluate campaign performance, optimize advertising strategies, and drive business growth. By leveraging custom formulas, advertisers can access relevant metrics and insights tailored to their unique business objectives, ultimately enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve greater success in the competitive pet food market.

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