Google educator level 2 certification answers

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Mr. Sprowston has determined that Google Sites offers the most flexible option to showcase different kinds of student work from his Geography classes. Use drag and drop to show the 4 different types of media which can be easily integrated into site, and which ones cannot.

Site Page integration

  • Chart
  • Image
  • Video
  • Document

Integration not possible

  • Flash animation
  • Game

Mr. Vanko is marking student assignments and keeps finding incorrect facts supported by unreliable sources. What should he explain to his students about finding online sources?

  • Verify all online information with textbooks
  • Check the integrity of the author, and whether they are an expert on the topic
  • Contact the author directly to understand their research
  • Check that the website looks reputable and professional
  • They shouldn’t trust any information found online

You have given your history class an assignment to produce a document detailing key events of World War 2. What value do the Google Explore Button and Google Translate in Docs bring to this exercise?

  • The entire presentation can be translated in a few clicks
  • The entire text of a google Doc can be converted from one language to another language
  • The power of search is tightly integrated within the application
  • Convert document text into a spoken audio file in any language
  • Exclusive access to educational resources online

Ms. Yang’s students love reading books in which they can choose how the story progresses by making choices for the characters. These books are also known as “create-your-own-adventure” stories. She wants to deliver more dynamic content to her students based on their answers and discussions in class. What are some ways she can do this with google tools?

  • Create Sheets that contain links to jump to a particular slide in a separate Slide presentation
  • Record topics that were discussed with the most enthusiasm in a Sheet and share it with the students.
  • Create Slide presentations that jump to particular slides based on certain responses or discussion points
  • Create a YouTube video containing a Form with a list of questions, with responses fed directly into a Sheet
  • Create Forms that redirect students to specific questions or content based on their answers

One of your students is hoping to get elected to the school council. She has asked you for advice on how to run her election campaign. By moving the rows up and down, match the Google tool with its potential use case to show how the tools can help.

  • Forms - Survey students on Issues
  • Groups - Email Campaigns
  • Drawings - Campaign Posters
  • Create a questionnaire in Forms to send to fellow students to understand trends within a school
  • Do a Google search for “Political trends” and search for relevant information
  • Go to and browse through current trends across multiple categories and countries
  • Go to Google Analytics to see most viewed web pages and searches

You strongly believe that students need a voice so they can influence their environment and make a real difference. You have decided to support the creation of a school newspaper. Move the rows up and down to match each Google tool with the way it can be used to reimagine the traditional school newspaper online.

  • Sites - Web hosting and publishing the newspaper
  • Google Photos - Storing photos and images
  • Docs - Drafting and editing articles
  • YouTube - Video hosting and editing
  • Calendar - Assigning draft due dates and final deadlines

Ms Coulson is teaching her students about nutrition and eating habits in other countries. What can she do to give her students first-hand information on this subject without spending any money?

  • Invite an overseas student or teacher to come into class to speak when they are available
  • Arrange a Hangout with a class in a different country for a question and answer discussion session
  • Take he students on an international road trip to try out different foods
  • Host a Hangout on Air with willing schools around the world to discuss the topic and make it available to watch at a later date
  • Arrange a Hangout with someone she knows from a different country and pass on the information to her students

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  • Students in a programming class have asked if you can help them arrange a hackathon to support their autonomous robot development project. Move the rows up and down to show the best way each Google tool could be used to help facilitate the planning and execution of a hackathon.
  • Forms can be adaptable based on the answers provided by the recipients. For example, if they get a question wrong, they can be directed to review the content again, and retake the question. Describe the process of making a “Create-Your-Own-Adventure” quiz using forms. Move the rows up and down to put the steps in the correct order.
  • Match each scenario of sharing resources with other educators with the most effective tool for the job by moving the rows up and down.
  • Ms. May can use Gmail and Calendar proficiently, but wants to increase her productivity as she has very little time for catching up on emails and scheduling one-to-one sessions with her students. By moving the rows up and down, match the productivity gains she can receive using the following Advanced features for Gmail.
  • Miss Jackson wants to create a classroom full of independent learners. Why should she first teach her class how to search, browse and explore effectively online?
  • Mrs Wallace is a department head in a high school, and is looking at the performance grades for all students in one semester. What features can she use in Google Sheets to help analyze the data efficiently without having to search through it manually?
  • Match the most suitable personalized learning activity with the most appropriate Google tool for the job by moving rows up and down.
  • Mr Jackson is an enthusiastic geography teacher, and wants to inspire other geography teachers to make use of Google tools to help their students understand the world they live in and meet other students overseas. What activity could he do to promote cross-continent discussions with other geography classes?
  • Mr White is the school’s advocate for recycling and reducing paper waste for both teachers and students. What can he do, using Google tools to actively reduce paper waste in his school?
  • Using the different functionalities of Google Maps, students and teachers can create their own maps and virtual tours, and explore areas and locations across the globe. Match the functionality or Google maps tool with the correct class-based activity.
  • What key points do students need to understand when creating an instructional video?
  • Ms Acton is coaching her students who struggle to write long essays, especially when it comes to finding relevant articles and citing their sources. How can her students use Google Scholar to help improve these skills?
  • Mr Thurman has a class of mixed-ability students, and wants to use video so he can effectively teach all students at the correct pace. How can he use video instruction to help him achieve this goal?
  • You classroom has the latest technology to allow students access to facts and figures within a few clicks. Why should your students be encouraged to become independent learners and seek out answers to questions? Select 2 correct answers
  • Mr Manuel wants to use Google Earth to enhance his geography lessons. Which activities could he use with his students to understand the earth’s geographical form?
  • Mr. Lim is creating a website for the science department. He wants to embed a video that his students created on the homepage. What are the steps involved in doing this? Drag and drop the steps in the correct order by moving the rows up and down.
  • What is the best description and use for Google Scholar in a classroom?
  • Ms Erskine is explaining to her colleagues how easy it is to install add-ons, including adding a Thesaurus. What should she explain to her colleagues?
  • Miss Tanaka regularly runs review sessions for her students before exams, as her students forget what topics have been covered and where they can access the resources used in class. How should she use Blogger effectively to reduce the amount of review sessions she needs to run?
  • Mr Franco is a busy high school teacher who wants to increase his productivity between classes using some of the core G Suite for Education tools. What can he do to achieve this?
  • Ms. Weber distributes a Google Doc to students on the subject of plant biology. Some students have trouble understanding some of the key terms. What are some ways Ms. Weber can coach her students to use features in Google Docs to better help her students comprehend key vocabulary? Hint: “embed” implies the item appears within the item and is not a hyperlink
  • Mr Morgan wants his students to watch a long video he produced in YouTube, and then discuss specific sections in the following lesson. What is the most efficient way he can make it easier for students to find specific sections within the video, without leaving YouTube?
  • Mr Biggins wants his students to develop their vocabulary as their creative writing skills often lack creativity. A fellow teacher mentioned that by simply using a dictionary Chrome extension can help. Where can he find Chrome extensions?
  • Mr Grant has experienced issues with students losing focus and not being able to find information online that they had previously found. What can Mr Grant do to help his students improve their online research productivity?
  • Mr Snipes is trying to explain to the department head of English why his school should look into using Google Lit Trips to improve enthusiasm for reading. What should he mention in this discussion?
  • Mr Vega is comparing feedback scores from students on a coastal erosion field trip that he has led for the last six years. What can he do to analyze the data quickly and more efficiently on his own?
  • Match each personalized learning method to its corresponding learning process by moving the rows up and down.


  • You’ve drafted a simple text outline of the course syllabus for your chemistry class. You want to turn this into an attractive digital document which can be easily updated and shared online.
  • You want to make sure your chemistry class is adequately prepared for the learning ahead. You decide that you will share the outline of the syllabus with them and then add more details later.
  • You are teaching your students about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle and you want to send your students a short questionnaire to gather information about their eating and drinking preferences.
  • You need to edit an existing Form to create a quiz for your students on nutrition and exercise, and you want the quiz to grade itself before your next lesson.
  • Now that your Google Forms Quiz is setup how you like, there are couple final steps to deliver it to your students.
  • You are teaching a class on famous artists, and you are looking for some information on Pablo Picasso to share with students interested in studying his work.
  • You want to collect and share some images of Picasso with your students which will be showcased publicly on the school website as part of the student’s projects.
  • One student has taken a strong interest in Picasso and wants to read more about him in her spare time.
  • Your school has received a number of letters from parents concerned about the safety of their child at school. As an expert in G Suite, Principal Anderson has asked you to use Forms to create an anonymous survey to gauge parent opinion. All details to include in the form can be found in the document titled, Student Safety Survey.
  • Based on the feedback from the Google Form Student Survey, your principal asks to set up time to conference with guardians. You know this is a perfect opportunity to use the feature “Appointment Slots” within G Suite for education Calendar.
  • Hint: Please use New google Sites to complete this question. If you find yourself on the old Google Sites homepage, please click through to “New Google Sites” from the menu on your left. You want to create a Site for your history class as a portfolio for your student’s work.
  • You have found a relevant video on the American Civil War that you think help bring the class portfolio to life:
  • Your students have a bad habit of missing assignment deadlines, so you want to expand your class portfolio to include some helpful reminders. Specifically, you want to embed a student assignment calendar on the front page of the site.
  • You’ve been reaching French for 15 years, and a newly-qualified French teacher has just joined your school. You want to share your lesson plans with her for reference.
  • You’ve also gathered quite a substantial collection of useful French language-themed videos from YouTube and want to share them with Mrs Brady. Tip: You will need to create a YouTube channel in order to create a Playlist.
  • An email thread about the use of old textbooks has sparked a heated debate among the community of French teachers. This argument would be better solved outside of the discussion board. You want the French department chairs to meet to decide on the agenda for the debate, but schedule are hard to align to meet in-person.
  • You’re browsing through the Chrome Web Store to find an extension that will save you time distributing assignments. You find Share to Classroom extension, which you think will create a more interactive classroom for you and your students. Before you push apps or extensions out to your students, you typically ask your teaching assistant, Mrs Brady, to trial them first.
  • You’ve also found some interesting extensions that your students will find useful for improving their own productivity.
  • Hint: Please use New google Sites to complete this question. If you find yourself on the old Google Sites homepage, please click through to “New Google Sites” from the menu on your left. You are English teacher and you want to create a class website that contains overview of the year and resources for classroom and assignment activities.
  • You want to add a page to your site in order to send your students interesting links related to class material. You have found a movie that you think would be fun for your students to watch in their free time. Create a sub page called You might also like… and add a text box that contains a link to information about the movie. The content of the page should include:
  • One of your topics this semester is classic English writers. You want to assign your students a set of tasks based on a blended learning approach so that they can work at their own pace. You think the best way to do this is by creating a hyperdoc to organize a series of resources in a Google document with a guiding question to explore each resource.
  • You’re teaching a new class on linguistics. One of the highlights of the class is a field trip in which your students will travel abroad. At the start of the semester you receive many calls from parents asking when they can expect more details about the field trip. You don’t have time to call everyone back individually, so you want to create a template email message so that you do not have to type the same message multiple times.
  • One of your colleagues has created a short video on some of her favorite American Literature that you want to share with your students later in the semester.
  • You are organizing a field trip to Paris and want to share the travel itinerary with the other teachers involved. You will be renting a large bus in order to accommodate the students and chaperones.
  • You are looking at the grades for your students’ progress over four years, but there is a huge volume of data, making it hard to analyze. You want to see the yearly averages for all students who finished Senior year with an “F” grade.