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Mrs Powell is looking at ways to reduce the amount of printing undertaken in class. How can Google Drive help?

  • Google Drive makes files easily accessible from anywhere, so there is less need to print and carry documents into class
  • Files in Google Drive can be shared with a simple link in an email. No need to print a copy for someone in class
  • All class print requests can be rerouted in Google Drive to the school office
  • Google Drive can automatically reformat documents before printing to save on paper
  • Google Drive can be configured so the printing of files in class is password protected

Mr. Murakami leaves written notes with motivational quotes for his students by writing them on paper and leaving them in different locations in his classroom. Occasionally his students will claim they didn’t get a note or admit that they lost it. What can he do to overcome this issue and still send these motivational messages?

  • Use YouTube to send links to relevant videos to help with their research
  • Use Groups to send group messages to all students in his class
  • Use instant messaging in Chat to send messages directly to students, which can be received on a PC or through a mobile app
  • Use Calendar to set up a task calendar for deadlines
  • Use Meet to video call his students when he needs to talk to them urgently outside of school hours

Mr. Swanson’s politics students had to create a blog about their policies if they were elected to be on the school’s student council. One student received a nasty response from an online user she doesn’t know. What advice should Mr. Swanson give her to overcome this type of response?

  • Check and change privacy settings on her blog to see if she had shared it with just members or her school or with the public
  • Document the user’s details
  • Block the person from accessing the blog
  • Report the incident to a member of staff if it happens again
  • Search for the user through other online networks and retaliate there
  • Respond directly to the person and challenge their comments

Mr. Elba is editing a presentation in Google Slides and wants to improve the appearance of the slides. What visual elements can he incorporate into his presentation to make it more visually appealing?

  • Insert fonts and color combinations intentionally to attract attention to key elements of the lesson
  • Use as much text as possible to provide a more thorough understanding of the content
  • Change the background color of the slides so they are all different colors
  • Embed relevant YouTube videos to break up the text and presentation

Ms. Villagarcia has been tasked by the principal to improve communication and discussion between teachers and support staff. What is the most appropriate tool to fulfill this need?

  • She can use Google Sites to build a website containing all of the school’s policy documentation and set up a contacts page so staff members can send their comments directly to her to distribute to relevant people.
  • She can use Google Groups to easily create an online discussion forum and invite all relevant people to start conversations and participate in different discussion topics in one accessible place.
  • She can use Google Sheets to take minutes during faculty meetings and share them with participants and missing faculty members.
  • She can use Google Drive to create a shared folder containing school admin and policy documents, useful templates and other shared resources.

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Integrating technology in the classroom can benefit a school in many ways, and for various groups of people. Match the benefits of a digital classroom with the pain points they overcome by moving the rows up and down.

  • Prescriptive teaching methods that do not allow for teacher creativity in class instruction or materials
  • Students limited to school hours when working with other students on collaborative projects
  • High volume of printing for assignments and worksheets, and photocopying from textbooks for take-home resources
  • Standardized teaching resources for all students regardless of learning speed and abilities
  • Students given access to different types of information from a range of sources for enhanced problem-solving
  • The ability to collaborate remotely in real-time with peers on group projects
  • Lower printing and copier costs with online resources and file storage
  • Access to resources and information relevant for different learning speeds

Why explain the importance of digital citizenship in a digital classroom?

  • So students maximize opportunities to earn money online
  • So students understand what they should and shouldn’t do online, and to act in a safe and respectful manner
  • So students understand how to get the most views and interaction to make their online content go viral
  • So students can connect with the most relevant people through social media

Students already familiar with a web-connected world will feel immediately at home with Google Classroom. What benefits will they enjoy from their assignments going online?

  • Students can see at a glance when assignments are due
  • Students can discuss assignments in a collaborative environment
  • Assignments and resources are kept organized in one place
  • Students can view each other’s assignments if they need ideas
  • If students are sick from school they can cancel pending assignments from home using the Cancel button
  • Students can choose to have assignment results sent direct to their phone as a text message

Ms. Pietersen is the deputy principal in a school split across two sites. She travels regularly between the two sites by bus, but is annoyed with the amount of time she wastes traveling. She would like to make better use of her commute time. What can she do?

  • She can use the Offline View app on her smartphone to download an offline version of all unread emails so she can read her emails while travelling
  • She can turn on the Agenda app on her PC before she travels, which will sort her tasks and meetings while she’s travelling and arrange them in priority order when she’s back at her PC
  • She can use the YouTube app on her smartphone to listen to music and use that time to relax between on-site meetings
  • She can use the Gmail mobile app on her smartphone to access her school email account to read, send, and reply emails.

Mr. Kapoor struggles to find inspiration from his peers. What is one benefit of establishing a Personal Learning Network (PLN)?

  • By joining a Professional Learners’ Network, he would get access to teacher training courses, and join regular seminars conducted by teacher training specialists.
  • By establishing a Personal Learning Network, he would develop links with other local and non-local educators to share ideas and best practices, and to call upon for teaching advice.
  • By subscribing to a Professional Learning Network, he would get paid access to educational material and advanced digital teaching tools.
  • By forming a Private Learning Network, he would get access to an exclusive website that allows for cloud-based resource sharing and messaging between local educators.

Ms. Garcia has divided her class into groups to work on different geography projects. Each group will present their project to the class using Google Slides. What are some benefits of using Slides in group projects?

  • Students can collaborate on the slide deck at the same time
  • Students can import videos from YouTube or Drive folder they’ve shared with each other without additional software
  • Students can browse and copy slides created by any student at any other school
  • Students can edit speaker notes to help improve each other’s presentation delivery
  • Students can comment on slides to provide feedback for their group members
  • Google Application
  • Usage within Google Slides
  • Google Docs
  • Suggestion notepad, Additional reference material
  • Google Forms
  • Gauge understanding, Rate the content that is being presented
  • Google Drawings
  • Graphically design ideas

Mr. Bentley finds it easy to use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in his classroom as they are very similar to other programs he’s used in the past. He overhears his colleague ms. Bernard talk about using Google Forms as well, but isn’t sure how it’s relevant in a school environment. Which of the following are relevant users for Google Forms in education?

  • Performing basic calculations with numeric data
  • Gathering feedback on field trips
  • Create formative quiz checks at the end of each lesson
  • Surveys for collecting data for group projects
  • Creating an interactive presentation
  • Designing a logo for a school football team

Mr. Yarmouth needs to contact a student’s parents to congratulate the student on improved progress. However, their first language is German and they are not fully fluent in English. What is quickest action he could do to produce an effective email on his own?

  • Use Gmail to send a message around the school to search for a student who can help translate the email to German
  • Search the Chrome Web Store for the Google Translate extension for Chrome. Use the extension to provide a German version of the text within the email.
  • Use Google Search to find someone local offering German translation services to help with the email
  • Post the message text on Google+ to see if someone can help translate it to German

Mr. Jones is keen to move to a paperless class as he finds the process of managing 180 paper based assignments time consuming. How will shifting to Classroom help?

  • When a student completes an assignment, classroom automatically emails all related documents to peers in their class for review
  • For all assignment types, teachers can define answers when they set each assignment to auto-grade
  • When a teacher sets an assignment or post in Classroom all work can be collected there too
  • Teachers can grade and comment on assignments directly in Classroom and students will immediately receive their feedback and scores
  • Students can support each other to help clear up any assignment misunderstanding without having to ask their teacher

Mr. Brixham is the principal at a large school and receives an overwhelming volume of emails from teachers, support staff, students, parents, and the school district governors. He often struggles to find important emails quickly. How can he use the search function in Gmail to locate emails more efficiently?

  • Search for emails by sender or recipient
  • Filter emails that have attachments
  • Search for emails with a label
  • Search for emails containing hyperlinks
  • Search for keywords within emails
  • Filter emails by word count

Mr. Perry has bookmarked a large number of webpages in Chrome while researching class topics. Unfortunately, he’s bookmarked so many that he’s struggling to find relevant content quickly. What can he do within the Bookmark manager of Chrome to simplify and organize his list of bookmarks?

  • Use the search function in the Chrome Bookmark Manager
  • Create a Doc that lists all favorite websites with links
  • Rename and organize bookmarks into themed folders so they are labeled clearly
  • Delete bookmarks that are not urgently required and search for them again when they are needed


  • You’re looking for videos to use in your biology class to help your students grasp difficult concepts. While browsing YouTube, you find some interesting, educational-specific videos.
  • Your student Jacob is struggling to understand why water is one of the most important substances in the universe. You find a video titled “Water-Liquid Awesome: Crash Course Biology #2” on the featured channel ‘Crash Course’
  • You decide to create a playlist of relevant biology videos to share with your students as a reference material
  • One of the videos in your playlist is perfect for a class homework assignment as it covers all the topics from your biology class last week. You want to use this video and quiz your students on its contents.
  • You’ve given some of your students an assignment to write a short essay on the Amazon river, and you want to give them some early feedback because they’re doing a great job.
  • Your students keep making the same punctuation errors in their essays, so you want to remind them how to use apostrophes correctly. You have a relevant document that will be helpful for this.
  • Some of your students have talked about getting malware on their PCs after clicking links that redirected them to infected web pages. You want to teach your students about safety measures they can take to protect them online.
  • Make the Internet Safety slide more interesting for your students by embedding a video. Charlotte Ford, one of your students, will find this video especially interesting so you want to share it with her before class.
  • You have recorded the scores your students achieved in their last 4 physics tests. You now plan to analyze the data to review the progress of your students.
  • You want to compare the top performers in your class.
  • You feel a visual representation would be the best way to compare the students results.
  • You decide to share the most compelling chart with your school’s principal.
  • You need to create a document of notes on teaching methodologies for an upcoming professional development session. First, you need to source some research online.
  • You find some interesting data about the best use of classroom space and dimensions, which suggests that the optimum length for the from wall of a classroom should be a minimum of 30 feet. You want to include this data in your presentation along with the metric equivalent.
  • You want to test how much your geography class students remember from the previous lesson on climate change.
  • As you prepare to teach your lesson, you want to review the results of a Climate Change quiz you gave another set of students last year.
  • Some of your students have expressed a strong interest in climate change. You decide to set up a Google Group, so the topic can be discussed in more detail.
  • The students in your Google Group have suggested a field trip would be a great way to better study climate change. You are supportive of the idea and want to know where they would like to go.
  • You recently lost an email from a student that included coursework. You decide you need to organize your inbox with labels to stay on top of your emails.
  • You decide to create a calendar specifically for planning parent-teacher meetings.
  • You need to arrange a meeting with Sam Nash’s parents to discuss his poor performance. It’s an important meeting as he is at risk of not getting into the college of his choice.
  • You want to set up a short one-to-one session with Sam to review his performance a week after you meet with his parents. You have already created an agenda for this follow-up meeting.
  • During class you talked about one of your favorite books by isabel Allende, and you’ve received an email from Kori Lopez, a student, asking to borrow it. You want to set yourself a task to remind yourself to bring it in the following week.
  • You also promised the class that you would play them a film adaptation of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel.
  • Your students have returned from spring break and you want your students to write an essay about their adventures during the break. You decide you will go paperless and use Google Classroom.
  • Before Spring Break you spent time discussing with students how to be good digital citizens. You want to see how many of them remember the online safety tips you covered by generating conversation online within Google Classroom.
  • You need to set up folders in Google Drive to help organize your classroom.
  • You want to allow your colleague, Mrrs Brady, to access and edit your Resources folder so she can help you develop your classroom resources.
  • You want to create a new lesson plan for your English class on the topic of American novelists.
  • You want your students to do a presentation on a book of their choice by a contemporary American author. Before they start the project, you want to get a list of the books selected by each student.
  • You want to customize your class homepage by adding an image from Drive to the right of your welcome message.
  • You need to set up folders in Google Drive to help organize your individualized learning plan templates. Create a folder in Google Drive called Students. Within the Students folder, create two folders labeled Learning Plan Templates and Resources.
  • You want to allow your colleague, Mrs Brady, to access and edit your Learning Plan Templates folder to offer feedback on your individualized learning plans. Share your Learning Plan Templates folder with Mrs Brady so that she can review your work.
  • You want to create an individualized learning plan focused on numeracy. Using Google Docs, create a new document in the Learning Plan Templates folder in Google Drive. Name the document Numeracy plan. Add the following content to the start of a potential individualized learning plan. Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut for paste “Numeracy” means comfort performing operations with abstract quantities. Mathematics is the primary application but, in fact, strong numeracy benefits us in any context involving comparing ideas creatively. This learning plan will help you build strong number skills for use in math and other subjects.
  • You want your students to build personal goals from the individualized learning plans that you provide. You then compile these goals into a spreadsheet for your reference throughout the term. In the Students folder in Google Drive create a new spreadsheet called Term Goals.
  • During class you talked about one of your favorite books by Isabel Allende, and you’ve received an email from a student asking to borrow it. You want to set yourself a reminder to bring it in soon. Create a new calendar Reminder for sometime later this week – title the reminder in whatever way is most useful for you.
  • You’ve given some of your students an assignment to write a short essay on forest fires, and you want to provide some structure to guide their research.
  • You intend to share your research with colleagues, and would like to cite your sources correctly.
  • Some of your students have talked about malware from links in emails. You want to develop a lesson about safety measures for students to protect themselves online.
  • Make your presentation more interesting for your students by embedding a video. Kori Lopez will find this video especially interesting, so you want to share it before class.
  • You’ve decided to create a website for your history class so you can consolidate teaching resources, distribute communications to parents, and share extraordinary pieces of coursework.
  • You want to customize your class site and make it more visually interesting. Create a new page called Letters and include the text: Here you can find links to our reading material, assignment information and shared resources.
  • You want to gather low-stakes feedback from students regarding the previous lesson on human rights.
  • Your have suggested a virtual field trip to explore important locations in the history of human rights. You support the idea but want student input to decide upon locations.
  • You’ve located some great resources on the web that you’d like to use with students. To ensure you can locate these sites again, you decide to bookmark them.
  • Locate 3 websites related to Critical Thinking and add them to the bookmark folder. Choose whichever sites seem most informative to you.
  • Your students have returned from spring break and you want them to write an essay about how the break was different from past breaks. You decide to create a unique Google Classroom for these type of reflection assignments.
  • Before spring break you also spent time discussing with students how to be good digital citizens. Using Google Classroom, you want to see how many of them remember the online safety tips you covered.