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When advertising globally, all ads must be in the primary official language that the advertiser is located in.

  • True
  • False
  • False
  • True

Which is NOT one of the three key areas the client measurement team is focused on?

  • Scaling best practices
  • Full-funnel measurement
  • Evaluating and modernizing capabilities
  • Technology

What are two engagement metrics that Twitch is invested in quantifying?

  • Attention
  • Emotion
  • Pages per Session
  • Customer Satisfaction

What measurement tool is used to track how effectively sponsorships worked in delivering brand health gains across the funnel?

  • ListenFirst Social Media Listening
  • Futures Valuation
  • RPG Brand Lift Study
  • Nielsen Brand Lift Study

What is not one of the key elements of a channel page?

  • Concurrent Viewers
  • A Streamer
  • Chat Screen
  • Channel Recommendations

Which of the following are content categories available on Twitch?

  • Crafting, Esports, Music and Arts, Cooking
  • Just Chatting, American football, Fortnite, Cooking
  • Just Chatting, Sports, Food & Drink, Music & Performing Arts
  • Concerts, Sports, Gaming, Crafting

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Viewers cannot chat directly with the content creators in the stream chat.

  • False
  • True

Twitch’s Community Guidelines cover the following areas, EXCEPT:

  • Nudity, Pornography and Other Sexual Content
  • Hateful content and Harassment
  • Social Media and Sponsorship collaborations
  • Acts of Violence and Threats
  • False
  • True

Twitch’s Ad Acceptance Policy only refers to advertising sold by Twitch Advertising and doesn’t cover any relationships that content creators and streamers may have with their sponsors.

  • False
  • True

When advertising to a key audience, it’s important to discover WHO is in the audience and WHERE they generally live.

  • False
  • True

Which moderation tools operate as human moderation? (Select all that apply) Select All Correct Responses

  • Twitch Moderators
  • Channel Mods
  • AutoMod

What is the standard lead time for the medium rectangle to launch and set the campaign live?

  • 1 business day
  • 3 business days
  • 2 business days
  • 4 business days

The Homepage Headliner display unit surrounds Twitch’s most premium inventory and can scale seamlessly with varied screen resolution and display sizes without the risk of branding being compromised.

  • True
  • False

Which is not one of Twitch’s defenses against unwanted behaviors in chat messages?

  • Creators reporting unwanted behavior
  • Users correcting other users
  • Slow mode
  • Tech tools like word filters and bans

Once a content creator reaches the Affiliate level, they have access to extras such as a subscription button for their fans and the ability to create a custom emote.

  • True
  • False

Twitch’s Ad Acceptance policy will remain separate from the Amazon Ad Acceptance policy, while considering and aligning closely.

  • False
  • True

Twitch’s Brand Partnership Studios is available to all clients, but they’re accompanied by a high spend threshold and require more production time to go live.

  • True
  • False

In order to stream on Twitch, you will need to purchase a studio style microphone, a broadcast webcam along with a high speed internet router to get started.

  • True
  • False

Being descriptive and accurate with your Stream Info in the Stream Manager can help viewers find you and your content more quickly.

  • False
  • True
  • Twi-mojis
  • Graphics
  • Emotes
  • E-art

Which is NOT one of the three key areas we focus on?

  • Feedback
  • Audiences
  • Trends
  • Content
  • Professional sports (NBA, NFL, etc.)
  • Concerts and live events
  • Cooking
  • Just Chatting

Viewers can connect directly and in real time with content creators through the chat feature.

  • False
  • True

In what two locations is TwitchCon held every year?

  • Australia and USA
  • Europe and USA
  • Brazil and USA
  • Asia and USA

The Medium Rectangle display unit keeps viewers engaged as they scroll and explore content on which pages?

  • Category pages (ex: Just Chatting)
  • homepage
  • Channel pages (ex: streamer page)
  • Directory pages (ex: Browse)

To achieve Partner status, one of the qualifying factors for an applicant is:

  • At least 15 unique days of streaming in 30 days
  • 25 hours of Streaming in 30 days
  • 3+ average viewers at once on streams

Twitch sponsors esports teams and hosts tournaments for games like Fortnite and League of Legends.

  • False
  • True

Twitch Premium Video packages are always above the fold and highly visible display units, but viewers can skip the content after three (3) seconds if the advertising is not relevant to them.

  • True
  • False

The Twitch Insights & Measurement team found what percentage of young adults report that video ads and sponsored video help them to learn more about brands, products and services they may be interested in buying?

  • 63%
  • 57%
  • 49%
  • 36%
  • Native Site Integrations
  • Brand Partnership Studios
  • Official Partnerships
  • Custom Programs

Twitch can create revenue opportunities for brands by connecting them with influencers through custom programs.

  • True
  • False

Channel mods can do which of the following? (Select all that apply) Select All Correct Responses

  • Replace inappropriate language with approved language
  • Fine viewers for negative behavior/language
  • Flag a viewer’s comments to the Twitch moderation team
  • Suspend a viewer permanently

A content creator can become a Partner without reaching Affiliate status first.

  • False
  • True

When a Twitch employee enters a streaming chat, what icon is used to signify their status?

  • Purple letter ‘T’
  • Purple thumbs up icon
  • Purple glitch
  • Purple wrench

What core metrics are generated by Twitch’s first party data?

  • Unique viewers, channels engaged, categories represented
  • Unique viewers, hours watched, concurrent viewers
  • Hours watched, viewer location, concurrent viewers
  • Hours watched, viewer location, games played

The name of Twitch’s annual in-person conference is called:

  • Twitch Gameplan
  • TAC (Twitch Annual Conference)
  • TwitchConnect
  • TwitchCon

Twitch holds creators, both Affiliates and Partners, responsible for all activity on their channel.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is NOT one of the top wants for streamers and content creators on Twitch?

  • Love and positive connection with audience
  • Fame and recognition for their talents
  • Sponsorships and free product trials from sponsors
  • Earn a Living doing their favorite type of work

The Super Leaderboard display unit does not expand outside of specified parameters and does not support video.

  • True
  • False

As you select advertising strategies, they must coincide with Twitch’s Ad Acceptance policy while still aligning with Twitch audiences, ad product offerings, and technical affordances.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following organizations is one of Twitch’s trusted third party resources to obtain industry standard video metrics?

  • GameScouter
  • Global Analytics Inc.
  • Comscore

Where will users experience ads when on Twitch?

  • Twitch homepage, “Browse” page and IRL channel
  • Twitch homepage, “Browse” page and Partner/Affiliate channel pages
  • Twitch homepage, “Browse” page and branded advertiser pages
  • Twitch homepage, “Browse” page and user channel pages

Affiliate streamers must achieve Partner status to be able to monetize their channel.

  • True
  • False

How many hours do 11% of mobile gamers, 37% of console gamers, and 59% of PC gamers play in an average month?

  • 30+ hours
  • 15+ hours
  • 20+ hours
  • 25+ hours

Twitch can be accessed on any browser from or through apps for desktop computers, mobile phones with iOs/Android capability, gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox and CTV devices like AppleTV and Chromecast.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following are content categories available on Twitch?

  • Just Chatting, Sports, Cooking, Music & Arts
  • Crafting, Esports, Music and Arts, Cooking
  • Concerts, Sports, Gaming, Crafting
  • Just Chatting, American football, Fortnite, Cooking

Twitch’s goal with measuring campaign performance includes: (select all that apply) Select All Correct Responses

  • Measure the success of its partners
  • Share best practices
  • Inform current and future buys
  • Generate new partners

What insights does Twitch RPG NOT offer?

  • Brand lift measurement
  • Creative/message testing
  • Post-testing video advertising
  • Brand deep dives

About how many active viewers watch sports on Twitch on a daily basis?

  • Over 2 million viewers
  • Over 200,000 viewers
  • Over 50,000 viewers
  • Over 1 million viewers

Even though there are millions of content creators and streamers on Twitch, ads are only shown on what channels?

  • Partner and Affiliate channels
  • Partners and product sponsored channels
  • Channels in Just Chatting and Gaming categories
  • Channels in Sports and Just Chatting

Twitch is an unmoderated service.

  • True
  • False

Other live streaming competitors are not allowed to advertise on Twitch (ex: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Discord, etc.)

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is NOT one of the three levels of Brand Solutions that are offered by Twitch Advertising? Select All Correct Responses

  • They are unskippable
  • They are always above the fold
  • Pre-roll ads with video creative can be up to 30 seconds long
  • They can guarantee generating twice as much income

Twitch got its start in 2005 as the place for livecasting or streaming your life 24/7 via the web under which of the following names:

  • Just.In
  • Justin.TV

First Impression Takeovers and Premium Video are examples of what category of Twitch Advertising Products?

  • Super Leaderboard
  • Twitch Premium Display Media
  • Homepage Headliners
  • Twitch Premium Live Video

Which of the following are prohibited content category restrictions?

  • Cannabis products, UV tanning services, cryptocurrencies
  • Vaping equipment, beauty products, fast food
  • Hair care products, fast food, cars
  • Fantasy sports gambling, online pharmacies, fast food
  • It helps Twitch users identify the most popular games
  • It shows marketing where to target their ads
  • It helps Twitch’s customers remain relevant and authentic

Custom influencer campaigns are available for all Twitch accounts.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following is NOT one of the three levels of Brand Solutions that are offered by Twitch Advertising?

  • Influencer/Native Site Integrations
  • Turnkey Solutions/Premium Media
  • Brand Partnership Studios/BPS Creative
  • Custom Programs/Official Partnerships

The Twitch community is 49% — likely to be encouraged by an online advert or friends recommendations.

  • more
  • less

Twitch is only able to offer third party measurement capabilities via our data partners because we do NOT collect which of the following:

  • Username
  • Any user information
  • Global location
  • Email addresses

Twitch’s Ads Acceptance policy allows live streaming competitors like YouTube Live, Facebook Live or Discord to advertise directly on Twitch.

  • False
  • True
  • True
  • False

Super Leaderboard, Homepage Headliner and Medium Rectangle are all examples of what category of Twitch advertising products?

  • Premium Live Video
  • Top of Funnel Dashboard
  • Display Media
  • Above the Fold advertising

Which of the following is NOT a content category on Twitch?

  • Music
  • Homework Help
  • Food & Drink
  • Just Chatting

What is Twitch RPG?

  • Research Power Group – a community of Twitch users that acts a global source of truth for Twitch insights
  • Real People Guidance – research data that Twitch collects from a list of randomized users
  • Research Program Group – our network of data partners that help us to analysis and validate our measurement data
  • Research and People Guild – a community of Twitch users who help us decide what types of research we should conduct

Which of the following does the Twitch viewing experience drive a greater feeling of, more so than that of TV?

  • Feeling excitement about content
  • Familiarity with celebrities
  • Personal connection
  • Brand loyalty

What three key areas does Twitch focus on providing best in class insight and measurement solutions?

  • First party insights, third party measurement and RPG data
  • Content, Audiences, Trends
  • Live streaming, gaming, Gen Z/Millennials trends
  • Role play games, esports, collaborative gaming

About how many hours of non-gaming content did Twitch users consume last year via categories like Just Chatting, Food & Drink and Music?

  • 100 million hours
  • 1 billion hours
  • 1 million hours
  • 500 million hours

Which of the following celebrities is an important part of the Twitch cultural experience, with a dedicated channel on Twitch that streams old episodes of their TV show 24/7?

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Johnny Carson
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Bob Ross

When does a user see a First Impression Takeover video?

  • User enters channel page, user enters chat and streaming content begins
  • User sees video on landing page, enters chat and clicks on streaming content tab
  • User enters channel page, streaming content begins and user watches video
  • User sees video on landing page, enters channel page and streaming content begins

Once you find a category on Twitch that interests you, you can search for channels within it that are live at that very moment.

  • True
  • False

At any given time, there are over how many million viewers around the globe watching live on Twitch?

  • 3 million viewers
  • 1 million viewers
  • 2.5 million viewers
  • 5 million viewers

Twitch Premium Video packages are incorporated into live Twitch broadcasts, are highly visible, are above the fold, and are:

  • unskippable content
  • not available on mobile devices
  • only available on Partner streams
  • only available for major brands

What percentage of the Twitch audience will watch a full ad without scrolling or clicking away?

  • 81%
  • 60%
  • 47%
  • 15%

To become an Affiliate creator on Twitch, a streamer needs to complete the following in a month:

  • 400 followers, 50 minutes of streaming
  • 250 followers, 500 minutes of streaming
  • 50 followers, 500 minutes of streaming
  • 500 followers, 50 minutes of streaming

Where is the Medium rectangle/square advertising unit found on Twitch?

  • Alongside the channel selection guide
  • At the top of the main landing page
  • At the end of the first row of suggested categories
  • Inside of the chat box

Which question should be looking to solve for in a consideration campaign?

  • How much is Twitch Advertising driving purchase in market?
  • What audience am I reaching?
  • Is this campaign driving foot traffic to brick and mortar locations
  • What is the share of unique audience over linear TV buyers?

What is not one of the benefits of the Amazon Twitch server to server methodology?

  • Increase measurable inventory
  • Increase advertiser trust
  • Increase volume of ads delivered to viewers
  • Increase in measurement set-up efficiency

Which of the following is NOT prohibited content, products, or service?

  • Content that encourages others to share private personal information without permission
  • Content that encourages consumption or injestion of edible products
  • Content that disrupts, interrupts, or violates the integrity of Twitch services
  • Content that is marketed at children through messaging, imagery, or targeting

Which of the following is not able be measured by Twitch’s bespoke measurement capabilities?

  • sponsorships
  • external social media platforms
  • live events
  • custom integrations

What percentage of Twitch viewers are likely to consider a brand that supports their favorite streamers?

  • 47%
  • 72%
  • 22%
  • 81%