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In order to be eligible to sell products through Vendor Central, products must have a registered trademark.

  • True
  • False

What is the name of the self-service portal that sellers use to create listings, manage orders, and correspond with customers?

  • Vendor Central
  • Seller Central
  • Advertising console

Which selling plan gives sellers access to advanced selling tools such as, inventory management, B2B, API integrations, and bulk listings?

  • Professional selling plan
  • Individual selling plan
  • Only vendors can access these advanced selling tools.

How does Vendor Central use the information from the product catalog to help with business operations?

  • To automatically create advertising campaigns.
  • To create recommendations for product bundles.
  • To generate purchase orders.

Which type of selling partner sells products to Amazon directly, which are then sold by Amazon on

  • Vendors
  • Individual sellers
  • Professional sellers

Which component of Seller Central provides high-level insights into various aspects of your retail business, including summaries of recent orders or payments, performance metrics, and selling notifications?

  • Settings tab
  • Information widgets
  • Navigation menu

In order to register in Amazon Brand Registry, a selling partner must have which of the following?

  • An active registered brand name, trademark, and the associated government-registered trademark number.
  • A product listed on for over 90 days.
  • An ASIN that is sold, manufactured and distributed globally.

Where on Vendor Central can vendors update product costs?

  • The Payments tab
  • The Items tab
  • The Advertising tab

Which business component is managed by vendors in Vendor Central?

  • Product catalogs
  • Product prices
  • Customer reviews

Which of the following actions can sellers complete in Seller Central?

  • Create payment invoices.
  • Track vendor performance and retail metrics.
  • Monitor customer feedback and reviews.

Jane is a new seller on who wishes to keep monthly expenses low. They estimate to sell less than 40 products a month, and only needs access to basic listing and order management tools. Which selling plan should Jane choose?

  • Amazon Prime Program
  • Professional selling plan
  • Individual selling plan

____ allows U.S. based Prime members to shop directly from sellers’ online stores with fast, free delivery, a seamless checkout experience, and free returns on eligible orders.

  • Buy with Prime
  • Amazon Business

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Athletica Shoes sells their inventory directly to Amazon, whereas Shoez owns their inventory and uses to list products for sale. Which company is an vendor?

  • Athletica Shoes
  • Shoez
  • Neither of these options

Which of the following documentation is required and must be submitted to create a Seller Central account?

  • Bank account informtion
  • Business License
  • UPC codes

Which of the following factors should be considered by a seller when selecting an selling plan?

  • How many countries they plan on selling in.
  • How many products they estimate to sell per month.
  • Which catergory the products will be listed in.

Maria runs a boutique clothing store in New York, and showcases their in-store inventory on Maria provides same-day delivery to customers by utilizing Amazon Flex Driver delivery partners. Which shipping or delivery solution is Maria using?

  • Amazon Today
  • FREE Amazon Day Delivery
  • Amazon Business Seller Program

How can the Product Opportunity Explorer tool help sellers prepare for a new product launch?

  • Identify new product ideas
  • Develop content marketing tactics
  • Understand your intended audience

The variation format that features a display of swatch images instead of a drop-down menu is known as a _____?

  • twister format
  • parent variation
  • standard format

Which of the following last mile delivery options helps ensures delivery to a secure location?

  • Release-Date Delivery
  • FREE Amazon Day Delivery
  • Amazon Hub Delivery

Advertising agencies are allowed to create Seller Central accounts on behalf of their clients who sell on, if they are able to provide the correct documentation.

  • True
  • False

John is a current seller on who wishes to take advantage of additional protective measures that can help manage listings, report violations, and monitor progress of their protection stats. Which of the following programs could John use?

  • IP Accelerator
  • Project Zero
  • Amazon Brand Registry

Vendors should connect with their Amazon vendor manager to learn more about shipping and inventory solutions they may be eligible for.

  • True
  • False

____ uses the power of Amazon technology combined with brand insights to detect and help reduce counterfeits.

  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Project Zero
  • Counterfeit Crimes Unit

Which of the following is an Amazon retail solution that combines the convenience and value of with a business-relevant product selection to address the needs of businesses and organizations?

  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Amazon Business

Jane, a seller on, delivers products to customers directly from their own warehouse. Jane wants their products to be visible when shoppers select the Prime filter during their search process. Which fulfillment option should Jane use?

  • Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
  • The seller landing page.
  • The home page.
  • The product detail page.

Maria is responsible for managing a system integration for their client who sells as a vendor on Which platform will Maria need access to in order to manage their client’s system integration?

  • Vendor Central
  • Seller Central
  • Advertising console

______ is a partnership between Amazon and local businesses to provide free and secure locations to deliver and pickup Amazon packages.

  • Amazon Key In-Home Delivery
  • Amazon Hub
  • Scheduled Delivery

Which of the following is a paid service that gives sellers access to a designated Amazon account manager?

  • Seller University
  • Strategic Account Services
  • Seller Central support
  • The campaign will continue to run as normal.
  • The campaign will stop and a new campaign must be created.
  • The campaign will pause until the product becomes the Featured Offer again.

What is the version of a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) that is used to identify unique products listed on

  • ASIN
  • ASKU
  • AZIN

Which of the following two options are available when adding product listings through Vendor Central?

  • Upload products by online product form or by spreadsheet
  • Upload products by .pdf or reach out to your assigned Vendor Manager to add products for you
  • Upload products by a .pdf document or spreadsheet

Amazon retail can help brands connect with customers and help guide their shopping experience from discovery to purchase.

  • False
  • True

Organique is a beauty company selling products on and uses their own resources to fulfill orders. Which of the following best describes Organique?

  • A seller leveraging Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)
  • A seller leveraging Fulfillment by Amazon
  • A vendor leveraging Amazon retail

Customer engagement refers to the quality of the connection between brands and customers, as well as the relevance of the message and the inspiration it sparks in customers to take action.

  • True
  • False

An seller wants to look for answers to queries on Seller Central. Where should they navigate to?

  • Information widgets
  • Search bar
  • Messages and Help tab

How can vendors provide access to their advertising agency so that they could help manage sponsored ads campaigns and Stores?

  • Provide access to their advertising console account
  • Create another Vendor Central account for their agency
  • Contact their vendor account manager

Which type of selling partner must be invited to sell on

  • Sellers
  • Vendors
  • Neither

Ana is checking their client’s product detail page for retail readiness. Which of the following issues should be flagged as needing improvement to be considered retail ready?

  • There are 5 items left in stock.
  • There are 15 customer reviews.
  • The product is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

What is the minimum number of customer reviews a product should have to be considered retail ready?

  • 5 reviews
  • 10 reviews
  • 15 reviews

All sellers must pay referral fees, which vary by product listing, in addition to selling plan fees.

  • False
  • True

Organique is a successful seller looking for a fulfillment solution that can help offload some of their current storage, shipping, and customer service responsibilities. Based on this information, which of the following fulfillment options should Organique select?

  • Multi-channel Fulfillment (MCF)
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

____ is a paid program for sellers where Amazon takes care of customer service on your behalf for your self-fulfilled orders.

  • Amazon Monitoring Services
  • Customer Service by Amazon
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

Jane wants to use the A+ Content Manager to add rich content to product detail pages. What section of Vendor Central should they navigate to?

  • Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Items

Which of the following is a customer engagement tool available on Seller Central?

  • Buyer-Seller Messaging Service
  • Customer Service by Amazon
  • Customer Report Center

Kitchen Smart is a vendor who has an agreement with to allocate a small part of their warehouse to be used as an fulfillment center to fulfill orders. Which vendor fulfillment program is Kitchen Smart apart of?

  • Born to Run
  • Direct Imports
  • Vendor flex

A(n) ______ is a planned and organized effort to release a new product for sale.

  • product launch
  • sales launch
  • inventory release

Where can a seller manage their weekend delivery times for their products?

  • In their Seller Central account
  • In their Seller University account
  • Within the product listing

Which of the following statements accurately describes the Amazon Business Seller Program?

  • It is a program designed exclusively for small businesses selling handmade products on
  • It is a program that allows retailers to showcase and sell in-store inventory on
  • It is a program for Professional sellers to help engage business customers on

What type of access must be granted for an agency to be able to view and edit Store names as well as use the Stores builder tool within Seller Central?

  • Parent access
  • Store design access
  • Product Listing access

Which of the following tools can be used to identify and fix listing issues affecting discoverability, product detail page experience, and customer returns?

  • Listing quality dashboard
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) editor
  • Product Opportunity Explorer

Which of the following sections in Vendor Central is where you can view and download sales, inventory, and demand forecast insights?

  • Items
  • Reports
  • Catalog

Which Vendor Central tab allows you to update bank account, tax detail, warehouse, and return addresses?

  • Support
  • Integration
  • Settings

If you’re adding a product that’s new to and does not match an existing product listing, you’re required to have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

  • False
  • True

Fulfillment by Amazon shipments can be managed in the Inventory tab of Seller Central.

  • False
  • True

Richard is a seller on that wants to use the Product Opportunity Explorer to explore consumer demand for new product ideas. Which tab in Seller Central can this tool be found?

  • Growth
  • Performance
  • Apps and Services

Which of the following programs provides sellers with the opportunity to sell to other businesses through using a specialized suite of tools and features to enable B2B selling?

  • Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program
  • Amazon Business Seller Program
  • Amazon Direct Fulfillment

Which of the following resources are available to sellers on Seller University?

  • Training videos
  • Certification Courses
  • Podcasts

How could an seller benefit from the information found under the Performance section of the navigation bar on Seller Central?

  • The seller can view their ratings based on inputs such as customer feedback and claims.
  • The seller can see how their advertising campaigns are performing.
  • The seller can view reports such as payments and tax reports.

Where can sellers access Seller University?

  • By being invited when they sign up for a seller account
  • Under the Growth tab on Seller Central
  • Under the Learn tab on Seller Central

Which of the following describes why you should monitor the performance of your sales and advertising campaigns throughout the campaign, instead of waiting until the campaign is over?

  • You can compare your campaign to others.
  • You can no longer adjust your campaign after the campaign is over.
  • You can identifying changes to implement to help drive results.

Which of the following fulfillment solutions are available to vendors selling on

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
  • Direct Fulfillment

If you have a product you want to sell that already exists on, it must match to an existing product detail page.

  • True
  • False

____ is’s drop ship program, where vendors ship directly from their warehouse to the customers.

  • Vendor Flex
  • Direct Import
  • Direct Fulfillment

Which of the following delivery options provides ultrafast delivery on groceries and household essentials?

  • Free Amazon Day Delivery
  • 2-Hour Grocery Delivery
  • FREE Same-Day Delivery

In the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) model, sellers pay storage and fulfillment fees including; long-term storage fees, unplanned services fees, and returns processing fees.

  • True
  • False

Actions such as clicking through an ad to see more products offered by a brand, subscribing to a newsletter, or following a brand on social media are examples of customer engagement that promotes long term-brand recognition and loyalty.

  • True
  • False

Li is an seller and is getting ready to launch a new product on Which tool or feature can they use to learn more about their customers?

  • Product Opportunity Explorer
  • Amazon insights
  • Amazon Vine

Jane runs a small business which sells a low volume of handmade blankets that are shipped to customers in custom packaging. Which of the following would be the best fulfillment solution for Jane’s business?

  • Direct Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Merchant Fulfilled Network(MFN)

Style, color, and size are examples of _____, when referring to products listed on

  • formats
  • product settings
  • variations

_____ lets you communicate with customers via email or Seller Central. The service uses encrypted email addresses for both customers and sellers and is the only approved method for communicating with customers on to complete orders or to respond to customer service questions.

  • Buyer-Seller Messaging
  • Feedback Manager
  • Customer Service by Amazon

The ____ program is a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch and operate their own package-delivery businesses.

  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Delivery Service Partner

Which type of product variation includes unique product details in the product detail page title?

  • standard variations
  • parent variations
  • child variations

The ____ represents key insights that impact customer satisfaction including; first contact resolution rate, average response time, and customer service rating.

  • Feedback Manager
  • Customer Experience Metrics
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

_______ is a tool that brands can use to launch email marketing campaigns to their followers on

  • Customer Service by Amazon
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging Service
  • Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE)

Li is an seller who wants to sell a product that already exists on Which of the following options would be the correct way to list this product?

  • Purchase a product ID and match the ID to the product listing.
  • Add the product as an individual listing through Seller Central.
  • Find and match the product in the catalog.

Which of the following could be considered a challenge when launching a new product?

  • You must buy multiple UPC codes
  • Your product doesn’t have any reviews
  • You must wait for to approve your launch

Which of the following actions can vendors complete in Vendor Central?

  • Manage selling programs such as B2B, Handmade, and Amazon Custom.
  • Sell internationally with Amazon Global Selling.
  • Accept purchase orders and ship products to fulfillment centers.

Which of the following is a paid subscription service that gives customers access to additional services on such as fast, free shipping, and exclusive deals?

  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Seller University

Variable closing fees, FBA fees, Amazon Ads fees, high-volume listing fees, and refund administration fees are examples of what type of fees for sellers?

  • Additional fees
  • Professional Seller plan fees
  • Referral fees

Agency professionals must contact Amazon to request access to their clients’ Seller Central accounts.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following correctly describes the benefits of Amazon Business to selling partners?

  • Amazon Business helps digitize and automate procurement to streamline the purchasing process with features including multi-user accounts, an approval workflow, tax exemptions, and dedicated customer support.
  • Amazon Business helps selling partners grow their business by attracting more shoppers and allowing millions of U.S.-based Prime members to shop directly from sellers’ online stores with the features of Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon Business helps selling partners protect their intellectual property by giving them more control over their brand representation on their product detail pages.

What does it mean for a product to be considered retail ready?

  • The product detail page includes all the necessary information for a customer to make a purchase.
  • The product detail page is translated into all languages where the product is being sold.
  • The product has been sold at least once.

Which of the following components of retail readiness could negatively affect campaign performance?

  • A star rating of 4/5
  • Low product inventory
  • A+ Content with supplementary product details

Which of the following is true about a product that is considered retail ready?

  • It has a high price tag compared to other products.
  • It is only available in limited quantities.
  • Its product detail page includes all the necessary information for customers.