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It is important to analyze results against the KPIs determined at the beginning of the campaign and use the reports to test campaign efficiency.

  • False
  • True

The Tag Tester tool extension will create Variables under an advertiser that is specified by the user, even if the Tag Manager is not implemented on the web page.

  • False
  • True

An Italian events management company would like to run a campaign to target members who previously purchased tickets for past events. Which target audience would be best set up in SAS?

  • Geo: Italy Site Keywords: events
  • Retargeting: Exposed to: Purchased Geo: Italy Browser: Safari
  • Retargeting: Exposed to: Purchased + Geo: Italy
  • Site Keywords Retargeting: Exposed to “Landing Page” Retargeting: Exposed to “Purchased”

Place the following steps in the correct order to create a Search Direct Integration:

  1. In ‘Settings,’ click ‘Search’ and then ‘Add.’
  2. Select a vendor - either Google Ads or Bing Ads. Click Authorize to grant permission for SAS to view and manage search accounts.
  3. The Add New Integration window appears with search accounts. Select one or more accounts and select the appropriate brand.
  4. Choose the Brand, Integration type, and tracking options.

Jared is looking for a variable on a webpage with the Tag Tester tool and does not know the name of the data layer. What steps should Jared take to find the variable?

  • He can scan for query string parameters only
  • He can scan for global JavaScript variables only
  • He can scan for global JavaScript variables and query string parameters

DCO versions are used to:

  • serve Instream and Banner format at the same time
  • determine which creative elements go with which target audience
  • get real time impression data in Visual Analytics

What are the prerequisites to be able to create Global Conversion Activity?

  • Create Global Variables and activity parameters on the Global Conversion Activity before assigning them to Local Advertisers.
  • Create a Search Integration on the advertiser level.
  • Define a Global Advertiser under the Native Account.
  • Define the Global Tag Manager under the global advertiser.

Match each definition with the correct term:

  1. URL Query String Param
  2. Variable Name
  3. Data Layer Variable
  4. Variable Name in Data Layer
  • Variable obtained from the URL query string of the web page where the Tag Manager is implemented. (1)
  • An internal name that will appear in the Variables list. (2)
  • Variable passed to SAS by the advertiser using the Data Layer object that exists on the web page where the tag manager is implemented. (3)
  • This is the name of the variable on the web page where the Tag Manager is implemented. (4)

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Kitchen Smart-Germany and Kitchen Smart-UK each run a campaign with the goal to bring more visitors to the global website The Kitchen Smart organization wishes to attribute conversions that come from local campaigns so they create a global conversion activity that is attached to Kitchen Smart-Germany and Kitchen Smart-UK. What tag feature is being used to achieve their goal?

  • Set up the activity parameter of each country
  • Create a global conversion activity
  • Create a Data Layer variable to understand data in locales under the global user

When planning her DCO campaign Jennifer determined the exact KPIs she should review her strategy against. Which stage of the campaign should she check the performance?

  • At the middle of the campaign to update the strategy as needed
  • At the end of the campaign to use learnings for her next campaign
  • Both

Ken wants to generate conversion reports that use different attribution models than the Primary model on the advertiser level. What next step can he take to achieve this?

  • Go to each advertiser’s account and delete the primary attribution model.
  • Adjust the primary model account attribution settings first, then run the report.
  • This cannot be done.
  • Select the different attribution model for reporting in the reporting dashboard.

When customizing Tag manager, the mapping report contains the following sheets (select all that apply):

  • Conversion Activities
  • Activity Rules
  • Tag Managers
  • Advertisers

Each ad built as dynamic within SAS has one version automatically created by default. You can create and edit multiple other versions to fit your needs.

  • True
  • False

Which one of the following permission sets should be granted in order for a user to switch accounts?

  • Super User
  • Campaign Manager
  • Account Administrator
  • Primary Creative Manager

When working with RDF reports, which of the following report settings is not customizable for a Metadata file?

  • File format
  • Report history
  • Delimiters
  • Headers

Place the steps to checking SAS remarketing cookies in chronological order:

  1. Navigate to a web page.
  2. Click the Chrome extension icon and select Retargeting Cookie Analyzer.
  3. Log into SAS.
  4. View pane that appears and displays the cookies for your browser navigation history.
  • Click Tracking Token
  • Publisher Custom Parameter
  • Impression Tracking Token
  • Line ID

Janie wants to run an RDF report that displays data about conversion activities and events in the path to conversion. Which feed type should they activate to achieve this?

  • Conversion Feed
  • Site Activity Feed
  • Interaction Feed
  • Standard Feed

Juan has a video asset that he is ready to run with a Master Ad. He attaches the ad to its respective placement and gets a sign that “Video Auto Transcoding” has begun. Which of the following statements best describes the automatic process that is currently taking place?

  • SAS is automatically sending the video to all of Juan’s publishers
  • SAS is automatically dubbing a video to selected languages
  • SAS is automatically adding subtitles to Juan’s video
  • SAS is automatically converting your video assets to final serving variants

SAS Search Integrations occur on the advertiser level.

  • True
  • False

Which of these scenarios can media targeting be the most useful for? (Select all that apply)

  • A music store wants to place one advertisement for a guitar on its website.
  • A toy store wants to serve several new characters to parents with children in a specific age range.
  • An autobody store wants to advertise a new promotion to audiences near all its locations.
  • An online retailer wants to serve ads to customers who have shown interest to a new novel in the past.

Which method to manage DCO versions is limited to one version at the time?

  • Spreadsheet
  • Feed
  • Version UI

Jean wants to update the transcoded assets, due to an update in the transcoding profile. To complete this for a placement ad that is already attached, he should:

  • Reinforce the inheritance by resetting and resaving the transcoding setting and the master ad
  • Re-generate the placement tag
  • Do nothing, it is done automatically

When variables are used as tokens, what is the correct format if the variable name is TestVariable?

  • [&TestVariable&]
  • [%TestVariable%] (correct option)
  • {%TestVariable%}
  • [$$TestVariable$$]

Diane works for a travel agency and wants to show different ads to users based on the destination page they’ve previously visited on her website. There are three offers - New York, Paris, and Berlin. What Activity Type can she use to achieve this?

  • Using a retargeting activity with the destination variable values of “New York,” “Paris,” and “Berlin”
  • Using an activity rule with the IF section condition of variable destination equals to “New York” or “Paris” or “Berlin”
  • Using conversion activity with the activity parameter of destination
  • Using a third-party activity with the condition of a variable destination equals to “New York” or “Paris” or “Berlin”
  • Changing her target audience
  • Reaching multiple audiences with dynamic elements
  • Adding new formats to her ads
  • Updating her product content

Mina is customizing a global account and realizes a global conversion activity is in place. This means the attribution is:

  • Achieved by selecting the Attribute Conversions button
  • Not possible
  • Achieved automatically
  • Achieved by attaching conversion activities from local agencies

John owns a car dealership. He is thinking of using DCO for his advertising strategy. What is the most ideal scenario to serve tailored messaging to an audience interested in cars?

  • To market the newest model in his inventory
  • Run a promotion on tire sales
  • Reach drivers based on their preferred car model
  • To drive more people to his website

While setting up his DCO campaign, Jeff is thinking of using rotation settings and/or targeting delivery groups. What type of trafficking strategy should he use?

  • Simple Trafficking
  • Advanced Trafficking

Target Audience ID, Smart Item List, and Clicks (Total Net) are dimensions/metrics to look for in which DCO report?

  • Aggregated Report
  • Path to Conversion report
  • Raw Data Feed

A Swiss bicycle company is launching a campaign to sell new bikes to customers across the country. Bike model 1 will be advertised to a completely new audience, while bike model 2 will be advertised to an audience that has already purchased products from them in the past. Which criteria below would be the most appropriate target audiences for each product?

  • Bike Model 1: Geo - All Europe Bike Model 2: Retargeting - Exposed to Purchased
  • Bike Model 1: Geo - Switzerland and Retargeting - Not Exposed to Landing Page Bike Model 2: Geo - Switzerland and Retargeting - Exposed to Purchased
  • Bike Model 1: Geo - All Europe Bike Model 2: Retargeting - Bike Purchases
  • Bike Model 1: Contextual - Bikes Bike Model 2: Retargeting - Not Exposed to Purchased

How many attribution conversion models can be set up per advertiser?

  • 1
  • 5
  • As many as you set in the primary model
  • Unlimited

Which of the following is not an available SAS Target Audience type?

  • Geo targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Sequence targeting
  • Contextual targeting

Jill wishes to extract search engine reporting data (primarily for media cost information). What Direct Integrations can she use to do this?

  • Google/ Bing Ads
  • Adobe/ IOs Ads
  • Social media Integrations: Facebook/ Instagram Ads

Before you begin any Search Integration you need to verify that you are logged out of all search engine accounts.

  • True
  • False

Local Conversion Activities can be added to Global Activity Rule.

  • True
  • False

If using media targeting with DCO campaign, which of the following scenarios best describes the setup where a single creative version is applied to a single targeted placement audience?

  • A cosmetic brand has a new collection with several items. They have different versions for each of them, but the audience would be the same.
  • A cosmetic brand wants to display items based on buyers’ preferences and avoid items they may already own.
  • A cosmetic brand with stores on multiple locations wants to serve specific version to audiences near those stores/locations.

What is the first step in planning a DCO campaign?

  • Creating relevant audiences
  • Creating a media plan
  • Creating the campaign
  • Understanding the media buy and campaign goals

Carla wants to a set a custom date range to serve versions while running her promotion. Which DCO rotation type will help her achieve this?

  • Even Distribution
  • Time-Sensitive
  • Time-Based
  • Automatic Optimization

Rita owns a shoe store that just released a new set of sneakers. Rita wants to learn which age group interacts most with her sneaker ads. Which campaign should Rita run to obtain such insights?

  • Product-based campaign
  • Demographic prospecting campaign
  • Campaign optimization campaign
  • Behavioral prospecting campaign

When a Site is using Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), impressions are stored under:

  • Unique impressions
  • Default Tracked Ads
  • Aggregated Interactions
  • General Invalid Traffic impressions

Meka creates the following URL Variable to gain insight into revenue stats for recent concert sales on her company’s website ( What type of SAS variable is she utilizing in this case?

  • Global JavaScript Variable
  • Data Layer Variable
  • Query String Variable

In order for the Tag Manager to be considered as global, it should be created under a Global Advertiser and include global entities.

  • True
  • False

Yulia is trying to map an Activity Rule that will be triggered for audiences who have visited her client’s page but have not purchased a product on the website. What criteria combination can she use in the Activity Rule to achieve this?

  • Time Spent on Page, Clicked Element
  • Referral URL, clicked element
  • Page URL, Number of session page views , User’s Browsing History, Referral URL
  • Page URL, User Browsing History

Which tag manager feature is a Chrome browser extension that allows users to analyze retargeting cookies that exist on the browser and understand the current navigation journey?

  • Tag Tester Tool
  • Tag Cookie Manager
  • Tag Manager Activity Reader
  • Tag Manager Variables

Which of the following is NOT a feature of the mapping report?

  • Includes a list of variables used to pass values to conversion, retargeting and third-party activities.
  • Can be used as a checklist for testing activity rules and related activities.
  • Shows existing activities linked to an advertiser for a better overview
  • Triggers activity rules according to the amount of time that a user spends on a page that implements the current tag manager.

When managing DCO versions, which method is best for automatic version updates?

  • Feed
  • Version UI
  • Spreadsheet

Match the appropriate cost model to its respective action:

  1. Conversions
  2. Billing Impressions
  3. Clicks (Net)
  4. Impressions with Video Start
  5. Video Fully Played
  6. Impressions with Interaction
  • for CPC (3)
  • for CPE (6)
  • for CPCV (5)
  • for CPM (2)
  • for CPV (4)
  • for CPA (1)

How does attribution work when there is a Global-Local Advertiser structure?

  • All conversions are attributed to the Global Advertiser’s conversion activity
  • All conversions are attributed to all Local Advertiser’s conversion activitiy
  • There is no attribution in the Global-Local structure
  • All conversions are attributed to the Local Advertiser’s conversion activity accordingly

The two options for SEM intergration types in SAS are:

  • any Y42 types
  • Marin and Kenshoo
  • Krux and Tableau

How many Account Extensions are allowed per account?

  • Each Native Account is allowed one Account Extension
  • 10
  • Unlimited

Which of these report types are not standard for DCO campaign reporting?

  • Recent Activity Feed
  • Aggregated
  • Raw Data Feeds
  • Path to Conversion

Which Target Audience feature allows you to define criteria of reaching audiences based on exposure?

  • Entire Retargeting activity
  • Conversion Activity parameter
  • Activity variable
  • Entire Coversion Activity

Setting up a DCO campaign differs greatly from launching a regular campaign in terms of SAS workflow.

  • True
  • False